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Working out during March

Welcome, March! Have you noticed that two months have already gone from this year?! Times flies! However, I am happy as today I will be speaking about the gym, and March probably is the best time to visit the gym without feeling that it is crowded.

In January many people decide to make a list of new year resolutions, in which, we can find resolutions as joining the gym, come back to the gym, get fit, etc… I am do not blame anyone, I have done it for a couple of years. Nevertheless, I have noticed that it does not work for me, and the year resolutions have changed for me as I find that I can set up resolutions or goals all year around.

Boohoo Man active wear

For the last couple of years, I was focused on going to the gym to get fit, look better and without another goal than the body change. This is different now, I am not going to say that the body change has disappeared from my goals, but it is not the main. Now, I am more focused on enjoying the time that I am in the gym. The gym does not have to be an obligation and for this reason, I have enjoyed more the last week of February and I am sure that March is going to be even better.

January can be the busiest period for the gym, and I don´t know if that happens to you, I do not enjoy when the gym is full and everybody is there training, sweating, speaking or just checking the phone. But I need to keep going, no as often as I would do know, but still doing it.

Boohoo Man active wear

As I mentioned, for me, March is the best month after January's stampede. In January you will find the gym full, in February some people will desert and the gym would start to look less busy, but for me, in March the gym come back to normality and I can go there without feeling that I need to fight to use a machine or I have to sing it for a class 3 weeks in advance.

On the other side, something that keeps me motivates is gym clothes. There are many brands nowadays and many products. Recently I have received some pieces from the Boohoo Man active collection, a new range that mixed fitness and style, with durable and breathable materials. You can see on my pictures the some of the products, but you can find from tracksuits, vests and hoodies to shorts or accessories.

Boohoo Man active wear

I have used them for a workout in gym, for a run outside, for crossfit and for acro-yoga. Literaly I have wear them for different activities and the have been great. I am going sking next week and I will take those clothes with me and I will wear them as a base layer.

In addition, I have had the opportunity to try new protein powders from Neat Nutrition during February, maybe that happens to you, but I feel like the protein shaker is a reward after a workout.

neat nutrition protein

I received a mixed box with dairy and vegan proteins and a shaker. Liam and I stopped to drink milk a couple of months ago and we are slowly decreasing dairy products from our diet, there is not a special reason behind this, we just feel less bloated since we started to cut dairy products. For this reason, I decided to pick the mix box. I used to mix the protein powder with milk and water, but this time I have been using just water.

The box included two flavours, chocolate and vanilla, for both powders (dairy and vegan). Honestly, I cannot taste the difference between the vegan and the dairy proteins, both taste exactly the same for me, which is an advantage, as after checking the ingredients, I will definitely select the vegan protein. The vegan protein includes Pea Protein Isolate, Hemp Protein, Natural flavours, Xanthan Gum and zero sugar! Personally, the vanilla flavour was nicer for me as it is sweeter than the chocolate, however, if you prefer chocolate than vanilla, it tastes good too.

neat nutrition protein

Now I would like to hear what you think about the gym in March and what keeps you motivated!


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