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Winter with Jack Black

As they say in the famous TV series ‘Game of Thrones’, Winter is coming… and we need to be prepared as the cold weather and the freezing mornings affect our skin, so it is essential to get a couple of products to combat these temperatures.

Today I am bringing some products from Maleskin and they are from a brand that I have been using since I started to blog, I really built a great trust in the Jack Black brand and I love how they use just natural products to create a grooming range free from parabens. You can find more information about Jack Black´s history in my previous post, so let’s speak about the product!

Jack Black Products

These products are fast acting, so you don´t need to leave them on for a long time, you probably use some of them during your day or have used them in the past. As I mentioned, they are good for the cold weather coming and will be a great addition to your skin.

Thickening Shampoo

During winter our hair can look duller as the cold will increase the vasoconstriction, and this will affect the quantity of blood that our scalp receives. The Jack Black Thickening Shampoo includes botanical surfactants, biotin and green tea leaf that make our hair stronger, thicker, help repair and stimulate the follicles. I have been using this shampoo for a couple of weeks now and I can see my hair is more radiant and brighter, and it is easy for me to do my hair in the morning as it is more moldable.

Jack Black Shampoo

Intense Therapy Hand Cream

Hands and face altogether are the part of our body that can suffer more in winter as they are more exposed to the wind and cold. From my experience, it is difficult to keep my hands hydrated and smooth all day, working with a laptop and typing does not help either hehe. The Jack Black Hand Cream has vitamins A & E, macadamia nut oil and eucalyptus which work to protect the damaged and dry skin moisturizing and hydrating. I love that it is a non-greasy cream so when I apply it, it absorbs quickly leaving my hands with a smooth finish.

Jack Black Hand Cream

Intense Therapy Lip Balm

I have used this product before and it is essential for the whole year. I have very dry lips and during winter I suffer from chapped lips, you will find me with a couple of lip balms always and the Jack Black Lip Balm is one of my favorites as it includes SPF 25 that it is not only good for the sun, it is good also for the winter. The one that I am using now is the Shea Butter one and I prefer this one to the previous that I had the Black Tea. It has been only one week since I have started using this Balm, but I notice my lips are less irritated and more hydrated. It contains shea butter, avocado oil, vitamin E and green tea, which are antioxidants and effective moisturizing agents.

Jack Black Lip Balm

Cool CTRL Natural Deodorant

This is another product that I have used in the past and it is so special as this deodorant does not contain aluminium, alcohol or chemicals! The zinc salt and the vegetable glycerin create a natural odour-blocker and deliver a very refreshing aroma. As I mentioned in my previous post, it is not very strong and during summer I have to apply it a couple of times, where as now, I sweat less, and it works better for me.

Jack Black Deodorant

Let me know what you think about Jack Black and what it is your winter treatment to combat the cold temperatures.


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