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Toppbox – September edition

While we say hello to September and probably goodbye to the last few days of the British summer, I have started to think about my autumn skincare routine, and what a better way to start than with Toppbox! I have mentioned it previously, as I keep enjoying every single box I receive from them, but it is the best way to discover new products and brands. You can read about my previous box here.

Just before going on holiday in August, I received the monthly box, and finally, I got the time to get around to speak about the products. If you are new to Toppbox, all the products come in full size so you get the full premium grooming experience, and the boxes include between 5 and 7 products.

In this box I have received, I have been able to identify some of the brands that I actually discovered with Toppbox previously, but now I have the opportunity to try some new products.

Let’s not wait any more time and start talking about the products I got, in no particular order this box includes:

  • Terre de Mars Irreverence Nourishing Shampoo

  • The Other Saint High Exfoliator

  • Zero Eye Cream

  • Yardley Compact Perfume

  • Below The Belt Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

  • Russell Pre-Shave Oil

  • Professor Herbs Ultra Exfoliating Balm Bar

Terre de Mars Irreverence Nourishing Shampoo

Shower products are one of my favourites to find in the boxes, this organic shampoo formulated with coffee extract, rosemary leaves, aloe vera and almond protein has been working perfectly for me, leaving my hair looking healthy and shiny, plus it smells so good!

The Other Saint High Exfoliator

If you follow me on Instagram (@pablohp31) you will know that I have shown this product already there. This is a natural exfoliator with key ingredients such as almond oil, walnut shell, and cranberry seed, and when I say natural, you can see the full seed in it. I feel that it is quite strong so I would avoid it if you have sensitive skin.

Zero Eye Cream

Another natural product from a plant-based beauty brand. This eye cream is suitable for vegans and I was surprised as the level of hydration that it provides is fantastic! The cream does its job plus while you are using it you are caring about the environment.

Yardley Compact Perfume

I wasn’t expecting much from this product when I saw it, but WOW! Probably the biggest surprise from this box. I have mentioned before that bergamot is my favourite scent and you definitely get it in this perfume. Now, it is coming in my backpack everywhere I go, the pocket size is perfect.

Below The Belt Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

What can I say about this brand and its products that I haven’t mentioned before? Since I discovered Below the Belt products, they have been a must in my routine. I always have deodorant ready in the toilet and in my sports bag for when I need it. If you are new, in short words, this is the best deodorant to keep your balls fresh.

Russell Pre-Shave Oil

This is my least favourite product from the box, I am not a big fan of shaving oils as I prefer to use shaving foam or cream. What I can say… I cannot like all the products hehe. But apart from this, the Russell oil prevents razor burns and irritations, which is great if you have sensitive skin, on the positive side I loved the menthol scent of it.

Professor Herbs Ultra Exfoliating Balm Bar

I always try to have an exfoliating bar in the shower and use it while I am there. When I opened it and used it for the first time, I thought it wasn’t great, but having a look at their website, I think have received a different product, got the Hair and Body Mint and Eucalyptus Shop Bar, which I will be enjoying as much as I would enjoy the exfoliating bar. It is a small mistake, but I am loving it as it leaves my skin hydrated and it smells incredibly good.

And these were the products I got, if you want to try and sign up for Toppbox, you can get 20% off with my code ‘PH20’


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