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TIGI Bed Head - Men

After a fantastic relaxing week of holiday, I am back with you with a new post featuring Tigi Bed Head´s new products for men. I have been using Tigi for at least a year, but only the shaving products and I love the Balm down cooling aftershave, this time I had the opportunity to test the hair range. The results have been great, and it makes sense since Tigi Founder, Anthony Mascolo, is a highly recognized hairdresser. You possibly have seen their products in so many hair salons and shops.

Tigi Bed Head Men

Since the first day I used the products, I could feel the quality of them, and I am regretting that I did not use the Tigi hair range earlier, these luxury products are part of my daily routine now!

There are three products that I have been using:

TIGI Men Dense Up Style Building Shampoo

This advanced formula is the perfect remover of build-up product for your morning (or night) shower. With caffeine extracts, it helps the hair texture and makes it look thick and soft, it feels like a mix of shampoo and conditioner for me, but without leaving my hair floppy. It is my favourite product of the ones that are on this post, as it leaves my hair strong and moldable, so it is so easy to create the perfect look for me! Also, I have noticed my scalp is healthier and fresher as dandruff is a lot less frequent.

Tigi Bed Head Dense up

TIGI Men Thick-Up Line Grooming Cream

With a slight minty scent, this cream provides me one of the best wet hairstyles in a long time! This cream makes me save so much time during the mornings if I am in a rush, as it makes my hair so flexible to work and provides a strong hold without making it look flat, just need a bit of hairspray to keep the shape during the day so it does not flop. I must admit that I prefer a natural look for work, so I love it for a night out as it looks great with the shiny wet look.

Tigi Bed Head Thick Up Line

TIGI Men Press Up Thickening Foam

This Body building foam provides a light hold with a good texture, however, I find it so light and my hair goes flat soon, I needed to use a lot of hairspray to keep it right. The first time I thought it was because I used it wrong, but after reading about it, I applied the foam before using the hairdryer, the effect was still the same, it is a bit light, but provides a great natural look which is perfect if you style your fringe to the back, in addition, it smells lovely!

Tigi Bed Head Press Up

Have you used Tigi Bed Head before? What do you think about their products? Let me know what you think, and which is your favourite range! You can find all products here!


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