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The Personal Barber

I am a big fan of subscription boxes, you probably have seen a couple of them on the blog already, and the reason is that I love discovering new products, sometimes it for good and other times they are not as you expected.

the personal barber

This one comes from The Personal Barber , and with the name, you can identify the kind of products that you can find. Barbering is so fascinating, and I have seen a huge development during the last couple of years, brands are launching new products and bringing back some of the old classic ones.

The personal barber has opted for bringing back the best of the old school products, and this is why I am so impressed with them, I have wanted to try the traditional razors for a long time, but I am always scared as the old blades look so sharp that I believe I will cut myself 100 of times while I am using them.

Shaving product

But finally, I was ready for it, I received the box really quick and the contact with the brand has been incredibly good, so this was a positive point before starting to use the products.

The box includes:

• Traditional razor.

• Two packs of blades.

• Shaving Brush.

• Shaving Soap.

• Shaving Balm.

• Solid cologne.

Traditional Razor

As I mentioned before, I was scared about this product, the blades look sharp and I have not used one of them before. First time and it went well, I did not cut my self in the face, however, I cut my self at the end admiring the blades and by sliding my finger through the blade, I know, nobody should be doing this hehe. The first impressions were that the razor looks small, but I realized that it is the right size when I started to use it, it very handy and as it heavy, I can move it and slide easily through my face.

Traditional razor


I found to boxes of blades in the box, one from Gillette and another one from Rapira. Rapira comes in a nicer packaging than the Gillette one, with a double wrapping and I like this, however, the Gillette one highlights the sharper side of the blade and I find this very useful. I have tried both and personally, I cannot find any differences between them.

Shaving Brush

I remember to play with my dad shaving brush when I was a kid, I used to mimic my dad having a shave and It brought me great memories. The bush has soft bristles and a plastic body, I had in mind the one that I used to see at my house and I was expecting a wooden one, however, the wood won’t last long as it gets wet so many times. It is easy to use and easy to clean.

Shaving Brush

Shaving Soap

With a strong scent when you open it, this shaving soap from Phoenix and Beau makes my shave easier, it helps to soften the hairs and keep my skin hydrated and smooth. It has a strong tobacco scent, but when you apply it to the face it disappears, and I am glad because some of my worst headaches come from strong scents. After soaking the brush in water, I move it in circles until the tips look white and then I just apply to my face.

Shaving soap

Shaving Balm

I found the Village Barber shaving balm really strong, I am not sure if my skin is not used to the blades, but it leaves my face tingling. I love the menthol scent that it has and I have to say that my skin has a different glow after applying it, it looks shinier and smoother. As a great thing, it is free of paraben.

Shaving balm

Solid cologne

This is a product that I just discovered a couple of months ago, and now I use it every day at work. This solid cologne from Phoenix and Beau is small so you can bring with you everywhere and it is so easy to apply, and everyone will notice your scent after you apply it. This one, however, I did not like it much, the scent is rich in cedar wood and tobacco notes, and personally, I like fresh fragrances.

Solid cologne

The overall impression of the box is good, I really enjoy and keep using the razor and the shaving balm, now it is your turn, let me know if you have tried it before and what do you think about it. Check and discover more in the link below.


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