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The Gentlemens Tonic - Mayfair

Just before Christmas, we made our annual trip to London. This is the 3rd year in a row which has become a tradition for Liam and me, and Gentlemens Tonic is becoming part of it too! This year again we visited our favorite Grooming boutique, and what we can say, the staff are so friendly and the treatments are incredible, this without mentioning their product range they have as well! You can check some of them in my previous blog.

Today I will be focusing on the treatments that they offer which I had done while I was visiting them, also you can find a sneak peek about how a treatment looks like at The Gentlemens Tonic in the video below!

The Gentlemens Tonic Mayfair

At their establishment in Mayfair, you can find classic Barbershop services to traditional wet shave Grooming, Facials or Massages. As well, in this gentlemen’s boutique, they stock a full range of grooming products that they have delicately designed for men. I showed some of them last year, and this year I have discovered new ones that I cannot wait to share with you.

I had a facial treatment and a hair cut while I was there.

Booster Facial

This 30 mins treatment helps to combat the different needs of our skin by boosting and recovering the parts that could be damaged. For this Facial, they use their exclusive Advance Professional Cosmeceutical range, which includes products made from powerful, natural and active ingredients. We started with a cleanser to remove any impurities that could be covering our skin, followed by a scrub to deep remove the dead skin, and we finish with a serum to hydrate the skin. During the treatment, they use warm towels between the three steps of this facial, to ensure that we remove any product before applying the new product and to keep the pores open in order to get a deeper treatment.

Facial Boost Gentlements Tonic

Hair Cut

I am easy when it comes to getting my hair cut. I have found many people coming back to their usual barber, or they have just one person that can cut their hair. However, I am not like that, probably because my mum is a hairdresser, I am not scared of changing my style, trying something new or just get my hair cut from someone new. At The Gentlemens Tonic, I just went for an American Crew cut, and Claudio did a great job here!

Hair Cut Gentlemens Tonic

Here is the video where you can see how my experience was at The Gentlemens Tonic:

As well, I had the opportunity to bring home some of their amazing grooming products. I mentioned their products before I will keep doing it, the quality is incredible and for my skin, they work perfectly. This time my two top products where the Cleanser from the advanced range, that you can read about on my Christmas post, and the Daily Moisturiser. I cannot leave the house every day without applying this moisturiser, it contains seaweed and minerals that help to hydrate the skin, Cocoa Butter that protects and makes the skin softer. It is definitely one of the best moisturisers that I have used for my skin and I highly recommend it.

Grooming Products Gentlemens Tonic

Hope you have the opportunity to visit The Gentlemens Tonic in Mayfair, but if you do not live in the UK, remember that they have other salons around the world, so do not miss the opportunity and let me know how it is your experience there.

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