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The Blogger Dining Club

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend my first Blogger dining club event at Banyan Bar & Kitchen Manchester which was hosted by Georgie Glass.

About this amazing club, it was established in October 2017 by Georgie, the blogger dining club was born through her passion to provide top-notch events for influencers in the north-west, we see so many events down in London and finally, we have a great organizer for the perfect dinner events in the north. From what I experienced, it is not only about food and discovering new places, it is a social occasion to meet new and fellow bloggers, exchange tips, laughs and stories between us, and obviously if it is coupled with food, even better.

Mezze Banyan

This time The Blogger Dining Club was organized at Banyan Manchester, in their restaurant in the Corn Exchange, in the heart of Manchester, and they introduced us to their new Autumn menu.

We were located in one of their private rooms that can host parties of large groups, and if I remember there was around 15 of us. As a great event, we had champagne on arrival and each one had their seat with their name with a box full of products from Kiehl´s and a fantastic energetic drink form Yusa.

Kiehl's box

But let’s talk about food and the new menu, we had a starter, main and dessert.


Seafood is one of my weaknesses when we speak about food and these king prawns were top! Exceptionally well cooked crispy outside and soft inside, the panko crumbed was golden and without a drop of oil, which I find very important when we are speaking about something that has been deep fried. The prawns were served with lemon and a rich sweet chilli sauce that complemented them perfectly.

panko king prawns


I must admit that usually, I would go for meat, but when I read the description of the haddock I couldn’t resist. This Grilled Scottish smoked haddock was served with new potato and leek hash, a poached egg and hollandaise sauce. The combination was excellent, the egg was perfectly cooked and very soft, but you need to eat all together and mix the haddock with the hash, the egg and the sauce as personally I found it a bit salty, I try to use very little salt when I cook and this could be the reason that I found it a bit salty.

smoked haddock


There is always space for dessert and that night even if I was a bit full of the previous dishes, I couldn’t say no to the desert and in addition, it has the word chocolate that always draws a smile on my face. The brownie was rich very rich, it was served with vanilla Ice cream and raspberry bits that added an accidic taste to the dessert.

Chocolate and raspberry brownie

During the dinner, we had the opportunity to taste the new incredible cocktails that Banyan has in its menu, such as the Lemon Cheesecake, the Elderflower Delight or one of my favourite cocktails, the Mojito.

Now it is your turn to visit and taste the new menu available at Banyan! Let me know what you think and which cocktail you have! And for more information and for future events of the Blogger dining club get in contact with Georgie 😊


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