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Teeth Whitening Treatment

White House Teeth Whitening is an Irish company that provides beauty and cosmetic treatment in conjunction with general dental practices, including cosmetic dental treatments. They have recently opened a new branch in Manchester, and we had the opportunity to try one of their treatment.

The White House Manchester

Liam and I visited them for a Teeth Whitening treatment, which is currently on offer for just £150 per person, if you check online you will find similar treatments more expensive, so it really is great value for money for someone who wants whiter teeth without breaking the bank. The other positive aspect is that White House Teeth Whitening only works with dental trained professionals who specialize in cosmetic whitening. You will notice this when you go to the clinic, as they go through a pre-examination and provide information and give you a realistic expectation of the results, they are very professional and were able to answer any questions about the treatment.

The White House Teeth Whitening uses laser technology for their teeth whitening, and this is what we had. The specialist started asking us a couple of questions about any allergies, intolerance, our teeth if we have had a teeth whitening treatment before… Following this, they checked the shade of our teeth in order to apply the gel to start with the treatment.

They applied the whitening gel which is 6% Hydrogen Peroxide, this gel is formulated to obviously get a whiter shade of our teeth, but also to improve the teeth strength and kill harmful bacteria that we could have in our teeth and gums.

Teeth Whitening Treatment

The treatment is divided into two blocks of around 20 mins in which the teeth are exposed to the laser. After the first 20 minutes, I started to see a slight improvement in the shade of my teeth, but it is not until you finish the full treatment when you can see a big difference. Between the two laser sessions, we wait around 5-10mins while the old gel is suctioned off and a fresh gel is applied.

Teeth Whitening Treatment

After the treatment my teeth were sparkling, I even got scared as there was a huge change, and asked the specialist. She told me that it was normal, and the white would decrease in a couple of mins leaving a uniform shade, and this is how it happened. You are also advised to only have a white diet for at least 24 hours after the treatment so nothing stains the teeth.

You can compare below my pictures with the before and after. I am not going to lie, if you are expecting to get your teeth immaculate white after one session, this is not going to happen. This is a treatment to improve the white shade that you have, I would recommend a couple of sessions to get the best results, or follow with some top up sessions thereafter which are only 30 minutes.

Teeth Whitening Treatment

Overall, I am happy with the results, my teeth weren´t that dark, I do not smoke and probably the main issue for me is the amount of coffee that I drink, so if you are a smoker, probably your final result will be marginal than mine and I believe that you will have to get more sessions as maybe the teeth are more damaged.

Now it is your time to let me know if you have had a teeth whitening treatment before, or if you use any product to improve the shape of your teeth.


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