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Staying Fit During Lockdown

The last couple of months I have been trying to be more consistent with my training and with my health. Back in December I probably hit one of the unhealthiest stages of 2020 and this was a mix of the lack of motivation, pain from my broken heel and the lockdown situation. I was able to visit the gym, but I was still scared as there were some cases of Covid in my family. But I knew I needed to change that because the situation could only get worse.

I teamed up with Adam, He is a personal trainer from Manchester and he has developed a personal programme for me. I started training two days a week in the gym, I am not going to lie, it was hard at the start, but I was getting there, I felt motivated even with my body that’s was in shock and aching. However, two weeks into it another lockdown hit us and the gyms closed. There were no other options than working out at home, Adam prepared everything and got me new exercises shaped to my house conditions and the training accessories I have at home, since then, I have been training from home, and we increased the training to 3 per week and the intensity of them. Adam has been tracking my progression, including what I eat and the difficulty of the exercises. At this moment, my motivation is 10 times higher than what it was back in December, and I definitely can see the results, slowly my body has been changing and now this is only the start. Adam offers a free consultation where you can discuss your goals and what you want to achieve, you can book it here.

Me at the JD Gyms

When I started Adam’s plan, I knew that food was a key element for success. In this case, Remedy kitchen helped me with a delicious and nutritious meal prep plan that I have enjoyed. Remedy kitchen meals combine quality fresh ingredients with amazing flavous, their menu has seasonality and fresh products free of gluten, dairy and refined sugar. When we speak about healthy meal prep, people can think it is boring or it doesn’t taste good, but the meals from Remedy kitchen were on another level, seriously I can´t describe with words how surprised I was and how good they taste, you need to experience it by yourself. You can have a look at the plans here.

Healthy food

In my aspiration to getting healthier, I discovered GenePlanet, a company that has developed genetic tests that help prevent health risks and implement lifelong lifestyle changes for a better and healthier life. I was kindly gifted with a Premium Pack. This pack includes 7 DNA tests including:

  • Diet and body weight

  • Heart health

  • Metabolism and lifestyle

  • Skin health and ageing

  • Sport performance

  • Vitamins and minerals

  • Mind and wellbeing

I haven’t had my results back yet, but I will share them with you as soon as I got them. You read more about GenePlanet here.

GenePlanet test

This hasn’t been an easy transition, I have been feeling tired and sore, as I am working from home, some days I train late in the evening and all of this has been also affecting my sleeping, for this reason, I decided to boost my system with the restful nights super booster supplements from Lumity. These supplements are designed to reduce stress, help you rest, recovery and relax. The supplements contain Holy Basil, plus Pumpkin Seed Oil, Magnesium, Turmeric and Vitamin D3. From my previous posts, you can recognise Lumity, I have used their products before and you can check the range here.

Lumity supplements


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