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If I am difficult with something it is with perfumes, it is too difficult for me to find the right perfume and I always need to try a hundred of them until I find the right one, I can stick with one perfume for a couple of years, and probably change after that. For this reason, when I discovered Sniph Perfumes, I found the right company to find the right perfume, I was tired of the same perfumes everyone has, so I was so excited to try new brands.

Sniph perfumes were founded by Lisa & Tara, they wanted to share the love for scents and their main goal is simple, take us on a discovery journey to unravel new sides of our self with the help of amazing scents.

The main points of Sniph are that with this amazing monthly subscription we have the opportunity to explore the world of fragrance and discover scents to match our mood or the occasion to have a unique fragrance wardrobe, we can find a perfume is quite daunting that really understand what you like and as it comes in a small quantity we won’t have the risk of having a big bottle just stand if we do not like it.

The service and how it works, Sniph offers 6 different collections according to a preference for men women, and if you are unsure which of them suits you more, you can take a quick quiz that helps you to determine which collection match you the best. The subscription starts at £9 per month and you can have £5 discount by using my code “pablo5”. After you get your subscription, you will receive an 8ml perfume from an exclusive brand straight home, when you find your favourite, you get your monthly fee off a full bottle.

I went for the Work Play selection and I couldn’t be happier, I will have to wait for the next month, but so far, I am really happy with the first perfume that I received. It has citrus and wooden scents which totally suits me. Other positive things about this product is that you can bring it with you and use it anywhere, the packaging is so cool, and you can put it in your pocket easily.

As I mentioned before this is the first month that I received this selection and will be receiving another two months and I will keep you update about the following perfumes that I get, keep an eye on my social media and contact me if you have any questions related the product just drop me a message!

Now it is the time for you to tell me if you have tried this product and if you try it which selection you are going for.

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