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Secret Scent Box

Being in lockdown and having to stay at home does not help when you are trying to discover new fragrances. I always have a couple of perfumes or aftershaves at home that I change depending on the time of the year, the occasion, or my mood. I like to try the fragrances before buying them, and even if there are some fragrances that I don’t change, I am always up to discover new ones. With the stores closed and Covid around everywhere, there are not many options where you discover new fragrances, however the Secret Scent Box has made this a bit easier.

Just a couple of weeks ago I received my first scent box by post. If you don’t know about Secret Scent Box, they are a monthly fragrance subscription box that lets you discover new designer perfumes or aftershaves which get delivered directly to your home address.

Secret Scent Box

The box I received included three fragrances that would last for a month, and with the three designer fragrances, I got 3 little note cards with a description and the notes of each fragrance.

Something I like from Secret Scent Box is that you don’t know which fragrances you will receive and this makes me step out of my “fragrance zone” I will be trying new fragrances that I maybe wouldn’t discover in the stores. The fragrances that my box included are:

  • Davidoff – Hot Water. A modern sexy oriental fragrance that opens with a fresh thrill and ends on a burning trail. Opening with vibrant red basil and intoxicating absinthe. My favourite fragrance from the box, this is one scent that I would use daily during the week.

  • Ralph Lauren – Polo Deep Blue. A brand new fragrance by Ralph Laurent inspired by the mysterious sensuality of the depth of the ocean. I personally wouldn’t use this fragrance.

  • Bentley – Infinite Rush. The powerful freshness translates the rush of excitement while the warmer woody dry down gives into the unique comfort and warmth of luxury. I would have this fragrance for special occasions as date nights, dinners out with friends, or those social events around Manchester.

Secret Scent Box

I have mentioned, that I got this box for myself, but the Secret Scent Box also can be sent as a gift to your love ones. You can choose between 1, 6, or 12 months plan and you can select either men or women's box. You can have a look at all the details here.

Now, I would love to hear about your favourite fragrances and how you have discovered them.


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