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Proverb - Natural Skincare For Men

Defined as skincare for active lives and designed by the ex-professional rugby player Luke Sherriff and the natural skincare expertise Kirstie, the Proverb skincare range is more than you can imagine, the first time I used the products, I was so blown away, I didn’t know what to expect from proverb range, but when they contacted me it was the first time I heard about the brand, and now it is one of those that is going to stay with me.

Proverb Skincare

I have been using the products for longer than a month now, and they even came with me on holiday! As a new addition to my morning and night skincare routine, I have got to try the Strengthening Skin Serum and the Hydration Pro Moisturiser.

As highlighted before, the proverb skincare has been formulated with natural, organic, and vegan ingredients to provide the best results, and I find the concept of proverb so accurate since they target the skin in the same way that we take care of our diet when we want to see positive results while doing exercise.

Proverb Skincare

Strengthening Skin Serum

With a liquid jelly texture (if I can define it like that) this non-sticky serum has been a great addition to keep my skin hydrated and looking smooth. The serum dries quickly and as soon as I apply it to my skin it looks brighter instantly. Amongst the ingredients, it has pomegranate, acai and papaya, It also comes in a 30ml size so it is perfect to bring everywhere.

Proverb serum

Hydration Pro Moisturiser

This moisturiser is the perfect pair for the strengthening skin serum, with ingredients taken from an elite sports diet, it hydrates, smooths and tones the skin. It has a silky texture and absorbs very quickly, it is similar to the serum, the proverb moisturiser leaves my skin bright after using it. The hydration pro moisturiser also comes in a travel size (50ml) and it is designed mainly for normal to dry skins.

Proverb Moisturiser

As mentioned before, the Proverb range has been designed for those that have an active lifestyle, and if you have been following me, I joined the F45 gym in Manchester around 5 months ago, so I have been taking the Serum and the Moisturiser with me in the morning and I just have great words to say for how good my skin looks after an intensive workout.

Now if you want to find more about proverb and their products, have a look at their website and let me know what you think.


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