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My Travel Tips

Traveling can be a nightmare and you have to make sure you are comfortable to enjoy your trip as much as possible.

Living outside of my country has given me the possibility to experience so many situations while I am travelling and flying home.

For me the first thing that I have to organize is my clothes, they have to be comfy as much as you can as you will be waiting around, sit on your seat and probably sweating and freezing, the clothes that I am wearing in the pictures are from BoohooMan.

1. Comfortable t-shirt chooses something that is a bit baggy with a breathable fabric and of course fashionable.

2. Joggers! I know we all love jeans and most of the people use them every day, but I have found that the can be a nightmare travelling, I prefer to wear some joggers or tracksuit pans so you will know that you are the comfiest in the plane.

3. Trainers! This is essential, trainers are one of the best complements to travel, no boots as you will have to take them off at the security check, no shoes as they usually are harder and not breathable! So the best is the trainers!

Airport look

Food and drinks!

Make sure that you keep hydrated and full! You can buy something in the play but why would you pay three times more for a pack of M&M. Buy a bottle of water once that you have passed the security check and make sure you keep drinking during your travel, dehydration can cause headaches!!! and include some sweets and chocolate in your backpack!

Arrive with time

Arrive early and do not rush on the security checking, have a look in the duty-free and find your gate! Do not queue we all have our seat and nowadays it is difficult to find overbooking, so relax and when you see that everyone is nearly in go to the desk check in and have a safe flight!

Airport look


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