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My Dappa Box

With my Blogger mail from August, I received My Dappa Box!! And as you can imagine or see in the picture below, it is a subscription box packed with different men’s products from fascinating brands.

My Dappa Box was founded by a pair of entrepreneurs with a mission to provide a box full of ethical products from small local and global independent brands. The box includes between 4-5 products and once you sign up and subscribe, you will receive your box at the start of each month.

My Dappa Box

They offer different subscription packages and the boxes always include products with a higher value than what you are paying for the box!! Now let’s be honest, who doesn´t enjoy discovering new products and up-coming brands? It's like having your very own little gem that not many people will know, that make amazing quality products and for someone who likes to be individual and not always follow the crowd its perfect! Oh yeah and its every month. This is why I love this, you do not know what you are going to receive each month, but you that the box will include great products.

As I mentioned, I received my box in August, and before sharing my thoughts, I wanted to use the products to give a better opinion of them. My Dappa Box from August included:

1. Tumble & Hide Tan Leather Card Holder. £18 2. Solid Cologne – Felix Cologne. £16 3. Black Mask & Brush – Pure Skincare London. £7 4. Charcoal Detox Bar – Friendly Soap. £8 5. Shaping Cream – Dear Barber. £5

I have ordered the products by my preference,

The Card Holder was the best product for me. This product is really soft, and the tan colour makes it incredibly beautiful, I don’t enjoy taking a wallet out especially on a night out as its bulky and I hate carrying change. A couple of friends have asked me already where I got it as they love it! It is very handy, and you can put your cards on one side and your ID on the other.

Tan Leather Card Holder

Solid Cologne. This was the most surprising product for me, as I did not know anything similar to this. I have found a proper lifesaver as I love travelling and I am on the plane 5-6 times a year, so I won’t spill my liquid cologne anymore in my luggage or worry about liquids. It is made from Beeswax, Shea butter and Jojoba oil, the cologne smells incredibly good and it is so easy to use.

Solid Cologne

Black Mask & Brush. I must admit that I have used this product but from another brand, the results are always great as all the blackheads and impurities will disappear when you remove the product. There are so many positive points about this product: Includes a brush, so you won’t get dirty, it is 100% natural, contains no alcohol and is vegan-friendly.

Black Mask

Charcoal Detox Bar. I am a bit disappointed with this product, because when I read ´natural soap´ I was expecting a load of foam while you are using it, but it is very little, I like to see the product working. However, this Bar stands out by its scent when you use it. I have tried the Detox bar in the shower and you can smell the lime all over the place, it smells like it feels the room not just your body.

Detox Bar

Shaping Cream. Unfortunately, this product is in the last position as I cannot really evaluate it as I do not have a big beard in order to shape it, so I will have left it down to you guys to tell me what you think about this product. It smells really good and the packaging says that it has a medium hold factor with a subtle matt finish.

Shaping Cream

Now it is your time to subscribe to My Dappa Box and tell me about the products that you receive and the impressions that you get from the products.


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