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The Christmas tree is up, and the mule wine is getting ready in the kitchen, this is definitely the start of the Christmas period and even if I do not like Mule wine, yes, I know I am strange, I feel so festive when I see it.

This period also means that we need to start to think about presents, either for us or for someone special, so, for this reason, I will start to give you some ideas for a gift this Christmas.

Men make up

MMUK MAN has launched new Christmas boxes and I have had the opportunity to try one of them a bit early!! Those boxes are a great present for this year. The box that I received is called “His Facial Fix Favourites”. If you have been following me, you will know about MMUK MAN, but if no, MMUK MAN site specifically designed for men, by men. MMUK MAN has the widest and best range of makeup for men products, and also, they have their own brand, which is the one that I have been using and you probably have seen in my previous posts.

Men make up

Just with the packaging you can appreciate the festive feeling, it is really nice, and I have kept the box to put under my tree. Inside we found five products, to be honest, I haven’t used any of them from MMUK MAN before, and I even checked some videos in order to use some of the products, I still novice hehe. The products are:

• MMUK MAN Foundation For Men. • MMUK MAN Men's Concealer Pen. • MMUK MAN Concealer Pot. • Touche-Veil Concealer Pen. • Blending Brush

MEN's make up

I always mention about my dark eyes, and this box is a total lifesaver until now I have been using the MMUK MAN Colour Correcting Liquid Primer, but I have discovered a new favourite product in this box. This kit is extremely good for those like me that leave their cosmetic routine to a fuss-free minimum, the products correct your skin in a flash, whilst maintaining ultimate discretion.

I am really surprised with the foundation, I have worn foundation before, but it has been in photography sessions, so someone used to make it for me. This foundation is really easy to use, and it is light to medium coverage, I have used the blending brush to expand it and you do not need much product, once that I have applied it looks like my actual skin and this is the reason that I am happy with it.

Men's foundation

The Concealer Pen is probably my favourite product of the box. I have used a similar product from another brand before, but the brush that is built into the pen provides an easy application. The MMUK Concealer Pen makes my eyes look brighter and I appreciate it because when I see myself it seems to look like I have a happier expression on my face, it is incredible how I can look more awake with it, and all thanks to the brightening pigments.

Men's concealer

I find the Concealer Pot a bit thicker than the Pen, you can use Touche-Veil Concealer Pen to apply it or just the finger, which I prefer. As I mentioned, I find it a bit thick to use it under my eyes and I prefer to use it for spots as it provides an instant cover-up, it dries as a powder after you apply it so you still keep the natural look.

For the products I have used the number 5, and I thought it was going to be a bit white but no it is perfect if you have a kind of tanned skin, however, if you are not sure, you can send a recent picture to MMUK MAN and they will advise you which is the best one for your skin colour.


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