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MMUK Man new products

Male make up is becoming more acceptable, there is less of a taboo about men wearing makeup, and this shows how society is progressing and things are becoming more genderless. Personally, I think if someone feels good and confident wearing makeup then why should this be a problem? We have to accept it as if we are wearing a pink shirt or something else.

mens makeup

MMUK Man has become my personal brand to take care of my look, specifically because their products are designed for men, by men, and they really understand the importance of modern day men who want to look their best every day! MMUK Man products help us to look and feel revived after a night out, a long day or if we want to use them for a job interview or a date. They are easy to use, and the results are always great.

mens makeup

The last products that I had the opportunity to use are:

• Concealer Stick For Men

• Beard Filler

• Eyeliner For Men

• Brow Styling Gel For Men

Concealer Stick For Men

It is not the first time that I have used a concealer and this one has surprised me as it covers any facial imperfection really well. It is easy to use, and for me covers any blemishes and redness on my skin. This concealer concealer in the stick is a cream that dries quickly and with the enriched base formula you won’t have any skin issues and it will remain as good as before to use the concealer. The greatest thing, you have 10 colours to pick from so you can find the closest one to your skin tone!

Men concealer

Beard Filler

This product is essential for anyone like me that does not let the beard grow long. I like to leave a bit of stubble. This luxury shadow corrector will help you to fill those spaces in your bear, also it is good to create and define the shape of a stylish beard. The Bread Filler is so easy to use and you just need a pencil to apply. I have not used it on my eyebrows but you can use it on them and fill in and make a more defined shape.

Beard Filler

Eyeliner For Men

I recognize that I have a bit of trouble with this product and I need more practice before I use it again or I will end up blind hehe, but it is a great product to apply and feel your eyes bright and bigger, the black colour Eyeliner will make your eyes have that greatness for those nights out.

Mne eyeliner

Brow Styling Gel For Men

The last and not least, probably my favorite one of them all. Having big and dense eye brows, it is difficult for me to make them look nice and I always look at ways to make them look equal and tidy. The styling gel shape, defines and shapes the eyebrow providing you with a stylish look in just a few seconds and without having to wait a long time.

Brow Gel For mane

Now it is your time to let me know if you as men have to use Makeup and what is your opinion about it.


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