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Matis Paris Skincare

Matis Paris is a French skincare company with more than 80 years of experience in the sector. Established in the 30’s and primally focusing on women’s products, their objective is to bring the same personalised and unique experience that the customer has in a salon. Their products combine high-tech formulas, with the most potent active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C or AHAs.

Matis Paris has recently launched new products for their men’s range and I have been able to try some of them during the last month. I received the Moisturiser, Shaving Gel, and the After-Shave Balm.

Matis Paris Men Skincare

I think I have mentioned this before, autumn can be a strange season for our skin, with frequent weather changes, the wind, rain, and the cold can affect us and we can experience dryness, sensitivity and redness. We need to keep taking care of ourselves and our skin even if we are currently in lockdown and not going out much.

The products came in a really nice set with a toiletry bag, perfect for when we are able to travel again.

Moisturising Shine Control Hydrating Emulsion

Before I opened the product, I thought I was going to find a normal moisturiser, but when I applied it into my finger tips to use it for the first time, I noticed that this product was totally different to what I had on my mind, the texture is between a serum and a cream, really light but not oily at all. The Matis moisturiser combines a mattifying action with light hydration to keep the skin hydrated and fresh, also this product includes anti-ageing ingredients to improve the cellular regeneration and combat the signs of ageing. It is probably one of the nicest moisturisers I have used, and it has been working well for my skin, it has fast absorption and I just use a small amount, around the size of a pea in the morning. I will definitely repurchase this product as I can see it working for me in the long term, using this product daily my skin stays hydrated for most of the day and if I am not exposed to wind or pollution the feeling can last until the evening.

Matis Paris Moisturising

High Precision Shaving Gel

The Matis shaving gel has been formulated with anti-irritant agents to help with shaving and to prevent the skin from irritations. I have to mention that I prefer foams when it comes to shaving, yes call me strange, but my skin does not irritate much and I found them working better for my skin. When it comes to shaving gels, I prefer the ones that don’t come in a can as they create a better lather, nevertheless, the Matis Shaving gel has worked good for me, it becomes a smooth cream very quickly and it feels soft, which helps the razor glide easily.

Matis Paris Shaving Gel

After-shave Alcohol-Free Soothing Balm

Hands up for this product! You know that I love alcohol-free products for my skin, I don't like alcohol in deodorant either so not having it in the shaving balm is important to me, so this product was a win-win even before I tried it. With vitamin A, peppermint, bisabolol and allantoin, the formula soothes razor skin burns and keeps the skin hydrated and calm. I haven’t stopped using this since I got it. With a creamy texture and a minty scent, the Matis after-shave balm leaves my skin so silky and hydrated that it seems like I haven’t had a shave. Something that I am loving and hating equally is the size of the product, 50ml that is great as I can always bring with my when I am travelling, but at the same time a larger amount maybe 100ml would be great so I can still take when I travel, it’s a shame I will finish it so fast.

Matis Paris after shave balm

Overall, the products are being great, top of the range with high-quality ingredients that have been working perfectly for my skin. If you are thinking in upgrading your range or just buying a gift for someone special, I would highly recommend you to check the full Matis Paris range for men, I can’t wait to try their other products.


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