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Keeping your immune system strong during this time is important for everyone, but after breaking my heel and spending almost all day at home, I noticed that not only my mood was down, but also my body was changing, I felt tired all day and I wasn’t doing much exercise apart from walking around with the crutches.

When I received the male immune support supplements from Lumity I thought it was the perfect product for me at that moment. Lumity Supplements contains a combination of vitamins (A, C, and D) plus some minerals such as magnesium, zinc, or Selenium among others.

If you don’t know anything about Lumity Supplements, it is a brand developed by a Cambridge-educated PhD and research scientist to support our body by using natural ingredients. Lumity supplements helps the body stimulating our defences, restoring and sustaining youthfulness at the cellular level.

The Lumity supplements can improve many aspects of our body from skin, hair, joints, bones or muscles, and this is why I believe that these supplements have played an important part in my recovery. Not only because I need vitamin D, from being at home so much, but also at this time I needed something to support and heal my broken bone, something that could help my recovery, and I am not going to tell you that just because I have taken the supplements, I have magically recovered, but I think they have helped me, I haven’t had any pain during the time I have taken the supplements, and my mood has been up, I was feeling awake, active and fresh.

I got the male immune support supplements, and they are really easy to take, just 4 soft gels in the morning with water, and the same process at night before going to bed. The soft gels seem big, but they are easy to sallow, they don’t have any taste so it is not like other supplements that could taste strong or badly. The Lumity Supplements also offers a monthly subscription, where you have your monthly supplements delivered directly to your door every 28 days.

I would like to hear about your experience with supplements and if you have been taking them during the lockdown? If you have any question about Lumity you can contact me or head over to their site here.

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