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Lockdown Skincare Routine

Lockdown has affected us in many different ways, in my case, something that I noticed straight away during the first two weeks was my skin, I started to get more spots, and my skin started to get really oily. To be fair, I was waking up 30 mins before start working, and my morning routine consisted of washing my face with just water and have a quick coffee before turning on the laptop.

Prior to lockdown, in the mornings, before going out of the house, I used to clean my face, apply some eye cream, moisturizer, and twice a week I use a face scrub, in the evening some days I apply a facemask, and serum or argan oil before going to bed. I use different cleansers and my favorite still the Daily foaming cleanser from Gentlemen’s tonic, I always apply it with the Foreo Mini Luna 2.

Men Skincare products

After those first two weeks, I told myself ‘something has to change’ or this will get worse. I started to wake up a bit earlier to dedicate some time to myself, and below are the products that have changed my skin and improved it during lockdown.

Anthony Glycolic Facial Cleanser

As I noticed my skin getting oily, I changed the usual cleanser for this one with glycolic acid. The glycolic acid helps to clean and remove dirt, sebum and oil from the skin, also it prevents from large pores and razor bumps or rushes. You can find it here.

Glyacolic facial cleanser


I have been using this toner for a long time now, and I am still loving it. It is a simple product that hydrates my skin perfectly after cleaning it. The botanical range from MMUK Man is one of my favorite sets I own.

Men Toner

ESPA The Hydrator

I recently discovered this lightweight moisturizer with one of the gift boxes from Mankind, and I have used already two bottles since Christmas. As the name indicates, it provides a long-lasting hydration helping the moisture levels staying up. I have been using it straight after the toner for extra hydration.

Espa Men Moisturizer

Pure Purpose Hemp Masque

Another great discover from this 2020. This face mask came in one of the Toppbox I received this year. It is a balancing mask made with hemp seeds, pomegranate and aloe vera extracts, that moisturizes without clogging and helps to balance out the oily skin. I started applying it three times a week until I saw my skin getting better, and now I use it twice a week. This mask only needs 10 mins of your evening!

Hemp face mask

Omorovicza Instant Perfection Serum

This serum is one of my most precious products, and even my mum uses it after I gifted her one bottle for her birthday. I apply this serum just before going to bed, but you can use is in the morning as well. It is an oil-free serum that helps hydrate the skin, control shine, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, I know I am nearly 30 so I need to take care of my wrinkles before they get too big.

Omorovicza Serum

I would love to hear from you, and if during lockdown your skin has suffered and you have had to use a different skincare routine.


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