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Latest Favourite Trainers

During the lockdown, I have had time to think, time to read, a bit of time to relax, but not much because work has been extremely busy, in short words, I have decided to write more about trainers, and here is my first post during this strange situation that we all are living.

I know I haven’t written about trainers in a long time, and this does not mean that I have lost my passion, I am happier than ever about trainers as I am currently working for ‘The King of Trainers’ JD Sports. So here is my new post about the latest trainers I have my eyes on.

Nike Air Max 95 Greedy 2.0

Coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the Nike Air Max 95, Nike has released one of the previously seen Nike Air Max 95 Greedy, the 2.0 version. Nike previously launched this trainer in 2015, and now it comes back with a mismatching vibe. Blues and Neon tones for a colourful trainer, they took me back to my childhood days when I loved to wear mismatching bright colours, I am 90s kid. With a price of around £160, you can find this trainer at Size?

Air Max 95 Greedy 2.0 - Picture from Size?

Extra Butter x adidas SC Premiere White

This exclusive model is one of my favourites. It is a white classic trainer that you can combine with almost everything. I refer to it as a classic, but in fact, adidas and the exclusive sneaker boutique ‘Extra Butter’ have designed this trainer with some beautiful details, as the woven fabric that looks like a jumper, the laurel wreath, or the blue and red stripe at the heel, those details make this trainer to that premium category. They go for around £110 and you can find them on The Sole Supplier.

Adidas white trainers
Extra Butter x adidas SC Premiere White - Picture from

Puma Style Rider Stream

Puma is playing strong lately since they launched the RS collection they have been on top of my head and now they bring a new amazing line. The Style Ride Stream is a fashion casual trainer perfect for a day out in the sun (if the sun finally arrives at Manchester) it combines a rubber sole, that simulates the running shoes sole, and mesh and light body, all of this with vibrant colours, my favourite? This one is white and grey with green details, you can find it at Puma for around £80.

Puma raider trainers
Puma Style Rider Stream - Picture from GQ-Magazine

A this was my post for today! Let me know if you like those trainers if you have seen any other drop that you would like to share, or if you just got a new pair! Thanks,


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