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House 99 By David Beckham

House 99, if you are into male grooming, you probably have already heard of this brand, and if not, I cannot believe it! House 99 has one of the best ambassadors that any brand could ask for, David Beckham.

Their brand-new grooming products have busted into the market strongly, I have seen the brand in many high street and online stores, barbers and all over social media with some amazing promotion and events. Also, I am not surprised that House 99 has done so well as they are part of the L´Oreal group. They know how to do things in terms of marketing after leading the market for so many years.

House 99 Grooming

Investigating a bit, I have read that David Beckham has personally designed the products with the philosophy of bringing something to the market that can be used by men, to make themselves comfortable trying new products and changing or achieving a look that they feel suit them.

The name comes from a very sweet story, 99 was the year that his life changed. In 1999 David Beckham got married, Manchester United won the treble and his first child was born, and this is why he decided the name House 99.

Now that we know about the brand, let's talk about the products that I have been using. I received these products from Maleskin, as you know, it is my favorite website for the latest male grooming products, you can find the best brands and products for any skin type.

House 99 Grooming

I have tried three products, the Broad Defense Moisturiser, the Truly Brighter Eye Balm and the Get Groomed Purifying Bread Scrub. Before I got into details, I have to say that I am positively surprised by the quality of the products if I am honest, I was not sure what to expect from them.

Broad Defense Moisturiser

My favourite product by far, this face moisturiser comes with SPF 20 that is essential, I highly recommend using a face moisturiser with SPF always, even in winter even if you think that it is not sunny enough. This moisturiser is thicker than others that I have used but I do not mind, it hydrates really well, my face looks brighter and shiny, I love it because in the mornings I can look like a zombie hehe. The moisturiser creates a layer that protects for the contamination and the pollution, especially if you live in a city, this is something that really affects our skin without noticing.

House 99 Moisturiser

Truly Brighter Eye Balm

The eye balm is another product that I have found is thicker than similar products in the market, I don’t know about you, but at the start I didn´t enjoy it, but after a week I was already loving it, feeling the cream and questioning myself why I have taken such a long time to try this product! I have mentioned it before in so many posts, but I have racoon eyes and the House 99 Balm has helped me reducing those pronounsed fatigue marks that I have when I wake up. Among the ingredients, it contains Spirulina, Mica and Caffeine.

House 99 Eye Balm

Get Groomed Purifying Bread Scrub

I must be honest, I do not have a beard, but this has not been an impairment for me to not use this product. I have been using it as a scrub before I have a shave. This product reminds me of the hydra energetic charcoal face wash from L´Oreal Men, but this scrub is not tingling as the other did, which is why I think this I like it. The beard scrub leaves my skin soft and hydrated, perfectly ready for the shave. The exfoliating beads are not to big, so the scrub softens the hairs making the shaving less aggressive.

House 99 Bread Scrub

Hope you enjoyed reading about those products, and l would love to hear about your experience using them. House 99 has a great range and while I was using the mentioned products, I received some of the new range so this won´t be the last time I am speaking about House 99, I will write soon about my experience with the new products ranges.


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