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Great British Bake Off Final

It is Great British Bake Off final week and I can´t wait to discover who is the next winner!! However, I have to admit that my two favourite contestants have already been eliminated. The last two weeks, those two people that I wanted to see in the final have left the tent, Manon and Briony, but this does not stop from the excitement on Tuesday!

Since I moved to the UK, I have been following this program and I have enjoyed every single season. I love cakes, I love pastries, I love bread… I love everything that they bake in the tent. The program has shown me so many desserts and dishes, that I did not know before, also has encouraged me to bake new things, even if I fail, as I did with the macaroon cake that I baked for Liam’s birthday, I keep trying.

Baking Brownies

Obviously like many other people, I miss Mary Berry every single week, I think she was part of the essence of the program, she connected with our hearts after trying the dished and always commenting on the ´leers´ and judge the contestants. Mel and Sue, also missing them, they were amazing, and I think it is difficult to find the natural interaction and funny way that they used to conduct the program. But hey ho! It is not the end of the program and it still great at the moment.

To celebrate this 2018 final, I have decided to bake one of my favourite desserts, Brownies! I have given them a twist by adding Reese's peanut butter cupcakes (If you know me, Reeses are my favourite thing!) I could give you the recipe, however, every person like their brownies different, and I always like to try new different recipes and suggestions, so just experiment!

Star Baker Blogger

These brownies were amazing, and I got honoured with a Baking Trophy! My star blogger bake off is sponsored by Jackson Trophies, could I become the 2019 Bake off winner? Probably not, hehe there are many techniques that I do know, but I will keep watching and learning from Great British Bake off. Now let’s place our bets, who do you think will be crowned next GBBO winner?


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