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Get Chucked Manchester

A couple of weeks ago we got the opportunity to visit Get Chucked in Urmston, this place offers a full meaty menu with some surprising veggie options. Everyone loves a burger and even more when it is a homemade burger, I remember when I moved to Manchester around 3 years ago, that you could find homemade burgers everywhere, it was the food boom, soo many places used to offer them which I think now is happening with Neapolitan pizza that is taking over.

The restaurant is not far away from Manchester, just a few stops by train from Manchester city centre, not for from the Trafford Centre, so you can go there and enjoy your meal with a beer or another drink without having to drive after. The decoration matches the style of their menu, like American, New York style bar with exposed brick walls and cast iron chairs and tables, and one side open with big bright glazed windows, so the sun can shine in which makes the place feel bigger too.

In the menu, you can find burgers to BBQ dishes, ribs, sandwiches or wings, and as I have mentioned before, they offer some veggie options such as the jackfruit sandwich, the Veggie BBQ tray or the cauliflower nuggets. Another important part of the menu is the loaded fries, they are a must to try when you go here.

Beef burger

We did not take long to order, as always I was undecided as something inside me was calling for the Donut burger, but our experience with the Donut burger in the past has not been great. I always like to ask the waiters for their recommendations as they know what can be more popular and can surprise us, and after they told me that they use Donuts from a famous doughnut chain KK (I am not even sure if I am allowed to say their brand name here) I was sure that I wanted to taste that burger. This Burger is called LUTHER 2.0, and I cannot describe with words how good it was, seriously if you have a sweet tooth you must go for this one, the contrast of the sweet and softness of the doughnut goes perfectly with the crispiness of the bacon and the pork crunch, it comes with mustard that made the patty tastier and take away the sweetness of the doughnut.

Donut burger

Liam on the other hand, went for the PIGGIESTYLE, a burger with smoked bacon, pulled pork, bacon bits, smoky mayo, beer-battered onion ring. Personally, this burger was big and heavy as it included so much meat and I missed the taste of the patty, but for the meat lovers like Liam it was perfect, the burger was cooked a bit pink and we love it! The onion rings surprised us which was inside of the burger, between the pulled pork and the bun, and this added crispiness to every bite that we took. The patty was juicy and tasty, not too thick and not too thin.

Beef Burger

Now, of course, we had to order the loaded fries and the cauliflower nuggets as a side, I have to say that with only one of the side dishes would have been enough, they are really big, and we were more than full after we had the burgers and them. We ordered the Piggie fries, they have crispy pork crunch mix, bacon bits, ketchup and smokey mayo. The crispy pork crunches and the bacon mix seem to be made with frazzle so it gave a different touch to the fries, a strange one for me. However, we were positively surprised by the nuggets, they were big and crunchy outside. When I saw the side of them, I was worried about the core, it could have been uncooked or very hard, but it was totally fine, crispy on the outside but soft on the inside.

We definitely recommend this place for a good night out when you want to enjoy a great home-made burger and some junky/fatty meal. Let me know if you have visited it and your toughs.


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