Christmas Party Look with BoohooMan

We are just two weeks away from December, so we need to start thinking about Christmas songs, food, drinks, and obviously Christmas Parties! Many of us will attend at least one or two parties this December, from work, friends, family or old school Christmas reunion, we all know that December is going to be a busy month. With all of this looming, we need to be ready for all those special dates, so today I bringing you a sickening great look for your parties which is in collaboration with BoohooMan.

Apart from Christmas eve, Christmas parties are becoming more popular, and I really appreciate it as I can wear something more in line with my style. I am not a big fan of suits, and I just wear them on rare occasions like weddings.

On a Christmas party, I want to dance, I want to laugh, and I want to feel freedom in all my movements, so I don´t know if you have the same feeling, but when I wear a suit I feel like a robot as it restricts me. So, for this year I have created an elegant look that allows me to enjoy and have a great time during the parties without having to feel uncomfortable.

I have picked a three-piece look that consists in a bomber jacket, t-shirt, and jeans, I know it seems simple, but at the end of the day it looks smart enough for party wear and I just want to be comfortable. In addition to that, I have picked a look that focuses all the attention on one piece of clothing, leaving the rest of the look simple and making it possible to use in future occasions or in a daily basis.

The bomber jacket is the main piece of my outfit, this jacquard print satin padded bomber is from the new BoohooMan premium collection, I have chosen it in particular for the print. This jacket will grab the attention of everyone in the party because of the golden details, it reminds me of an elegant flock style pattern which makes you shine all over.

As the bomber jacket is a strong statement, I have decided to go for two discrete products to town the look down with a black t-shirt, and a black pair of ripped skinny jeans. Both of the products match perfectly with the jacket and make you look sophisticated and elegant.

On one side, I like to bring some personality to my looks, so even if I have chosen a black t-shirt, it has some details such as the metal plaque on the left side chest which gives the t-shirt a luxury finish.

On the other side, I have picked a pair of black jeans with some ripped details, little touches make the outfit less formal and allow me more comfort as they flex more unlike suit trousers or a solid pair of jeans, also they add some texture to your shape with these added details down the legs.

This is my look for the Christmas parties this year, you can find all the products in the links that I have left, or you can find your own style in BoohooMan.

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