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Christmas Gift Guide

Another year and another Christmas gift guide! I just realized that this is the first year that I write a Christmas gift guide for men!!

Is it just me or this year has gone really quick? It seems like yesterday when I was spending Christmas in Spain, but here I am, writing a 2018 Christmas gift guide.

My Christmas gift guide is focused mainly in products that I have discovered during this year and they have become essential for me, they are part of my daily routine and I think every man would enjoy them.

Christmas Gift Guide

Acqua di Parma – Ginepro di Sardegna

This eau de toilette has become my favourite recently. I always have seen this brand in the big department stores, but this year I decided to try it in Debenhams, and after that, I had to buy it as I loved the smell. Acqua di Parma - Ginepro di Sardegna is a spicy fragrance characterized by clear and dynamic top notes of pepper, pimento and nutmeg.

Acqua di parma

MMUK MAN – Shaving Pack

The pack consists of a Liquid Shaving Cream and Razor Remedy, both shaving products will create the perfect shave. The smooth shaving cream that smooths the shaving process and hydrates the skin, and the Razor Remedy that will calm your skin after having a shave and reduce redness and irritation. The quality of these products from MMUK MAN is incredible good.

MMUK MAN shaving products

Gentlemens Tonic - Hydro Fresh Cream Cleanser

Another recent discovery. I have used the normal Cleanser from the Gentlemens tonic early this year, but after my last visit to London, I discovered this one from the Advance Range. This Cleanser removes impurities, maintains the natural moisture levels without stripping away the skins natural oils leaving the skin hydrated and clear.

Gentlemens tonic cleanser

Foreo – Luna Mini 2

Probably one of the best discoveries of this year. The Luna Mini 2 from Foreo travels with me everywhere and I use it at least 3 days a week. the silicone touch-points will draw out all the impurities from your pores, penetrating better and making sure that the skin is left nothing short out of uber-clean without stripping the skin. It is perfect to use with the Gentlemens Tonic Hydro

Fresh Cream Cleanser.

Foreo Luna Mini 2

Alex Carro – Face Cream

This great discovery provides a deep hydration and protection leaving the skin looking refreshed and glowing. This face cream keeps the skin moisturized and flawless during the day and it is ideal for winter. Definitely, Alex Carro has create one of the best products that I have used this year.

Alex Caro Face Cream

BN3TH – Classics Trunk

BN3TH uses a combination of design and construction for your everyday comfort, it is extremely comfortable, it seems like I am not wearing anything, but everything is supported. The material is luxuriously soft so make it great for the gym or when you are practising exercise.


Happy Socks – Socks

Ideal to put some colour on those winter days. I love to wake up and look for the colourful socks that I would be wearing during the day. These socks from Happy Socks spread happiness by turning an everyday essential into a colourful design piece with a rigid standard of ultimate quality.

Happy Socks

Let me know what do you think and if you have any presents in mind that you would love to have or include in a Christmas gift guide.


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