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Black Leopard Skin Care

Black Leopard, a high-performance Australian men’s skincare brand, has recently launched its range in the UK. I love to try new brand and more when they already have a good reputation on their own countries, I usually investigate about the brands and after researching about Black Leopard, I have found that many articles include it as one of the top 20 Australian Male Grooming Brands. I was excited as I thought it was the first time that I was going to try a product from an Australian brand, however, I was wrong, I have used Vitaman before.

Black Leopard skin care

Black Leopard has been designed for men by men, and its products try to cover all the men needs. The brand uses ingredients naturally derived and scientifically proven, which is good as it means that they won’t harm the skin. The Black Leopard range is designed to hydrate, soothe and revitalize the skin.

I had the opportunity to try four of their products,

2 in 1 Shaving Gel Cleanser

With a strong Eucalyptus and menthol scent, this shaving gel has been designed to soothe and repair the skin after you use the razor. The gel is easy to apply, and I really like the Eucalyptus scent. Probably because it includes different oils as the tea tree oil, it provides a rich hydration. It is a different sensation than when I use just a shaving gel or shaving cream, skin feels a bit tickling straight away after you pass the razor.

Black Leopard Shaving gel


I am obsessed with scents, and this moisturiser has a strange scent that I could not identify, I cannot say that it is a smell that I like as it is strange for me. The moisturiser provides a high and rich hydration, it seems really thick when I put for the first time in my fingertips, but it is really light and easy to apply, however, in my case it takes too long to absorb, I have to massage it for longer until it absorbs completely, after that, my skin seems to stay very smooth.

Black Leopard Moisturiser

Hair Styling Cream

This product will catch your eyes as it has an intense purple color. When you see it for the first time, it seems to be thicker than what it is. I was expecting a very thick cream, but it is more like a light paste. I am happy with the results as it provides a natural wet style that holds for most of the day.

Black Leopard Hair styling


Roll-on deodorant with a strong citrus scent. You probably know already that I am not a

big fan of roll-on deodorants, in fact, I am very specific with deodorants as they cannot include alcohol and must have a long cover action and a fresh aroma, which this one includes. I must admit that I have strong sweat and this deodorant cover it, it is perfect to use in the morning and forget about your sweat until you have a shower in the evening.

Black leopard deodorant

Personally, I think Black Leopard Skincare has a nice range of products with a great quality per value, the products are accessible and no extremely expensive. Let me know what are your thoughts about this brand if you have tried the products.


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