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Below The Belt Ultimate Pack

Probably this is one of the most interesting products that I have reviewed, and also, one of the most fascinating products that I wanted to try. When Below the belt contacted me to review their products, I did not think twice, and I accepted with all the excitement.

Below The Belt started in 2014, with the necessity to bring decent products to effectively keep the groin area fresh, clean and dry. There are no many products in the market, a part of the talcum powder, for the masculine hygiene of the groin area. Women have many products and brands for that area, and I am happy about this, but this makes me realize how behind we are on men products. Everyone should take care of every part of the body.

Below the Belt products

Something that I really like from Below The Belt, is that they support prostate cancer UK, helping them to raise funds and raising awareness of the prostate cancer in different events.

This new pack include the full fresh range, with an Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, an Instant clean balls spray and the Fresh and dry balls cream. And this pack comes in a beautiful water-resistant bag, ideal for the gym or when we are travelling. Also, during this time of the year, this pack ideal as a Christmas presten!

Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Majority of us probably have used a normal deodorant in our balls when we are getting ready or when we have something planned for that day. However, some of them are not made for sensitive skin. I like this product because it is alcohol-free and it protects against the odour, I use it in the mornings or before going to gyms, and the results are good, no smell or anything. I can’t wait to try this product in summer when the temperatures are higher.

Below the belt deodorant

Instant Clean Balls

This product is designed for those moments when you cannot have a shower, when you are travelling or in a festival, personally I have used after a long journey travelling, it seems strange at the first, but the spray smell so good and make your balls feel really fresh. The feeling after using it is so grateful that I cannot describe good enough with words, you need to try it.

Below the belt Clean Balls

Fresh and Dry Balls

It is a daily use product, and I have been using it in the mornings after having a shower. It is described as a gel, but for me have a texture more similar to a cream, it neutralizes the odour and keeps the area fresh during the day. I find the groin area smother and fresher after using it.

Below the belt dry balls

Give a try to The Below the Belt products and let me know what are your thoughts.


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