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Bab - A Posh Kebab Experience

Bab is a new kebab restaurant that opened in the Northern Quarter last November. Since then, I cannot take the words “Posh Kebab” from my mind. They describe them self as “kebabs worth sitting down for” and this is so true, but let me tell you about my experience there.

Manchester is full of kebab restaurants and takeaway, one’s goods other better, and for me, Bab is the Poshest kebab restaurant in Manchester. Can ´Posh´ even be used to describe a Kebab? The answer is yes it can, at least for me as the experience that I had at this restaurant is difficult to replicate in any other kebab restaurant that I have been to before. I am used to ordering kebab for take away, or after a night out it is one of my favorite options to not go to bed with an empty stomach.

Bab Kebabs

Bab offers an alternative to the traditional kebab but maintaining that essence from the kebab that we know. Here we won´t find those pieces of meat rolling around the electric rotisserie, their menu offers a broader range of options, you can choose from lamb, steak, pork or chicken to monkfish, falafel and halloumi. All of them cooked on their open chargrill kitchen and served on top of homemade pita bread.

We decided to try two different kebabs, the hanger steak and the pork souvlaki along with a side of Greek fries.

The Hunger Steak Kebab comes with cauliflower, cumin, chilli and mix vegetables. The steak was cook perfectly, with a nice char on the outside and pink in the middle. The steak was tender with a strong beef flavor that goes perfectly with the sauces, creating a gorgeous sensation in the mouth. I am not exaggerating when I am saying this, it was spathaceously good and tasty.

Hanger Steak Kebab

The Pork Souvlaki was my option, and it comes with pickled onions, tzatziki sauce, pork scratching and mix vegetables. This kebab was an explosion of flavors and textures. The pork, the tzatziki sauce and the pickled onions can be a strange combination, but this all together with the pork scratching create a sensorial experience where you can find a mix of flavors from bitter, salty and zesty in conjunction with juicy and crunchy textures. Simply, a divine dish.

Pork Souvlaki Kebab

With the kebab, we also had the Greek fries. Do you remember when everyone got mad for sweet potatoes fries in restaurants? Greek fries will be the next revolution, I cannot get over this side, one of the strangest combinations for fries that I ever had, and one of the best fries’ side that I ever had in Manchester. The Greek fries are made with a paprika season, tzatziki sauce, feta cheese, olives and chilli sauce. They are so tasteful and not spicy at all, the combination of the olives with the feta cheese works very well, the taste is delightful, and you will be surprised with the aroma.

Greek Fries Bab

This restaurant is a great addition to the Northern Quarter, and I would love to hear about your experience as it is a place that I highly recommend.


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