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MR. Fitzpatrick's Cordials

1st December!!! We are officially in Christmas month, so we can start to plan parties, food, drinks and presents!! For this reason, I have collaborated with MR. Fitzpatrick’s I will present to you some drinks which are easy to prepare for your family and friends during this period. From alcoholic drinks to flavoured non-alcoholic you will be the best host, besides, Mr. Fitzpatrick cordials are gluten free and suitable for vegans.

Mr. Fitzpatrick cordials

Founded in 1899 in Dublin by the Fitzpatrick’s family, MR. Fitzpatrick offers a premium range of vintage cordials, with flavours that range from Cream Soda to the most seasonal Plum and Pear with mixed spices, everything from traditional tastes to innovative flavours. Mr Fitzpatricks’s ethos is built on natural ingredients, and the drinks are created using natural ingredients and botanical extracts, with every drink made by hand. Another positive aspect is that you do need to go anywhere to buy them, they are available to buy online on their website.

Mr. Fitzpatrick cordials

These cordials are really versatile, you can use them for drinks, ice-creams, baking or cooking, the possibilities are endless, and you can innovate or just serve them diluted with water, tonic or lemonade, with ice or hot as a complement drink for those cold winter days.

I have decided to create four delicious drinks with the different cordials that I have chosen, but you always can modify them, add different things and keep innovating, as they have 18 flavours to choose from, plus nine non added sugar options.

Mr. Fitzpatrick cordials

While I was drinking the different mixers, I started to think about the names an even if MR. Fitzpatrick is already a cool name, I have decided to use something that brings me back memories when I am having those drinks.


This no alcoholic drink can be popular, but I have given it a twist. I have mixed MR. Fitzpatrick Clementine, Orange & Bergamot with water, few drops of lemon juice and complemented with some thyme. It can remind you of traditional Orange Cordial, but by mixing it with the lemon juice, we obtain a sour citrus taste that complements perfectly with the floral aromas that the bergamot and the thymes add.

Mr. Fitzpatrick cordials


This has been probably been my favourite, and as the name says, it is sweet, don’t ask me why I decided to add California to the name, but I think it sounds cool. For this cocktail, I have used Vodka, MR. Fitzpatrick Cream Soda and Lemonade. I recommend not to add too much cream soda and squeeze the lime that I have added. I served it in a tumbler glass with a big ice ball that keeps it cold and fresh while we are drinking it, and it enhances the vanilla notes.

Mr. Fitzpatrick cordials


Gin and Tonic have become one of the most popular drinks nowadays, so I must include it as you always will triumph with this drink. Even if this drink can seem easy, the taste is wonderful, I have combined MR. Fitzpatrick Lemon and Ginger Punch with Gin, tonic, pepper and cucumber. It is very refreshing; the lemon and cucumber add the zest notes that complement well with the pepper touch.

Mr. Fitzpatrick cordials


Another non-alcoholic drink, full of flavour and fruit. Made with MR. Fitzpatrick Sour Cherry, Red Grape & Hibiscus it does not need anything apart of water to taste great! It is simple but delicious, just mix the cordial with water, add some ice and some frozen berries to give it an elegant touch. The cherry flavour kicks in on my taste buds after taking the first sip, easy to drink and easy to make, what more can we ask for?

Mr. Fitzpatrick cordials

Let me know what you think about these drinks and if you have triedLet me know what you think about these drinks and if you have tried MR. Fitzpatrick what are your favourite ones.

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