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Washdent White Party

A couple of weeks ago we had the opportunity to attend a magnificent night at Lazy Lizard where Joey Essex hosted Washdent in Manchester. The theme for the party was white! So we dressed to impress with our white clothes for this event.

The night started with a big entrance at Lazy Lizard, a place situated just inside of the Printworks and to be honest, I did not know about the existence of this club, where (people with big legs) were waiting on a red carpet and a photo wall.

Washdent white party

Cocktails and drinks were offered upon entering the club in the bar before the main room, with special signature cocktails and with a smoke-filled room and black lights helped all the white pop in the room to get the guests into the launch party mood. Pass the entrance, we went into the main area, a huge room with two floors where there was live music, performances and many more things to do.

We had the opportunity to meet Joey Essex and speak with him a bit about this product.

Joey Essex washdent

But what is Washdent? It is a new formula to clean and maintain your teeth’s health, this all-in-one sachet will help you with your oral hygiene and the best is that you can use it wherever you are! I found it great when you are travelling, if you are in a rush one day and you leave home quick or if you have work meal out and need to get back quick to the office! I always bring a couple of sachets in my backpack.

Washdent is so easy to use, you do not need anything, no water or a glass, you just tear, swill and swallow it! Yes, swallow it! I was confused when I first heard this as we are used to spitting out the products that we use for our mouth but not this one and therefore I like to use it at the office or when I am with people.


But most important! What is in it?

CALCIUM Washdent is a food supplement that contains calcium and just two sachets of Washdent will contribute to maintaining healthy teeth. It helps dental health in a complementary way to recommended hygiene habits such as brushing and flossing. You can use up to three sachets a day and you can use it anywhere as no water is needed as I mentioned before.

EUCALYPTUS & MINT ESSENTIAL OILS Washdent contains eucalyptus and mint essential oils which create a lovely taste and also helps freshen breath. That’s why Washdent is an all-in-one oral product as it includes also the calcium, just by having two sachets of Washdent will contribute to maintaining healthy teeth.

XYLITOL Washdent also contains Xylitol a natural sweetener which works with the Calcium granules to clean debris from your teeth. That means it helps get rid of nasty left behind pieces of food and also tastes good too.


Now it is your time to try it and let me know what do you think about this product!

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