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The Pasta Factory - Manchester

This is truly a proper Italian restaurant! I couldn’t start with another phrase as this was the sensation that I had when I visited this traditional pasta factory.

Situated in 77 Shudehill in Manchester, the Pasta Factory offers fresh handmade pasta dishes, Italian D.O.C wines and hand-crafted beers. The use of fresh and natural ingredients is reflected by the quality of the dishes, with every single bite you can experience the high quality of their food.

Italian Pasta

We had the opportunity to visit this restaurant last week, and I haven´t felt this good in so long eating pasta since I moved back from Rome. Pasta can seem really easy dish and we probably can cook it a couple of times a week at home, but since I lived in Italy I learnt to appreciate the quality of the pasta dishes and how difficult it is to create a dish cooked right and full of flavour.

The menu offers typical Italian antipasti and the favourite traditional pasta dished mixed with some of their personal creations. As a highlight, the menu has some great vegan dishes and one of the best vegan cheese (consulted with some vegan friends) we have tried. Also, you can find some specials of the day on the boards as well but let’s speak about what we had.


We ordered these magnificent antipasti, the first one, the panelle are a traditional Sicilian antipasto made with chickpea flour and batter deep fried in squares, the spices and the flavours are incredible, on top is the salsa rustica, made with herbs, tomato, olives and capers add the fresh touch to this starter.

Panelle with salsa

The Fiori di Zucca is something that I have wanted to try for a long time, but I have never had the opportunity, or I did not feel confident enough to order. This dish was in the specials and when I read that it was stuffed with cheese I did not hesitate any longer and I order it. The coating was crispy and golden, the inside was smooth and creamy, both textures create a great fusion in the pallet when you bite into it.

anti pasti


Obviously, we were here for the pasta!! And this is what we had, I ordered Spaghetti verdi con pesto di zucchini, a creamy sauce full of flavors with notes of cashews, basil and courgettes make this pasta one of the best ones that I have had in Manchester, this dish took me back to Italy completely and for a moment in my head I was in the beautiful Rome. It was cooked how it should be “al dente” the way the Italians eat the pasta.

Spaghetti with cream

Liam ordered bucatini all'amatriciana another traditional dish that I have had around 100 times in Rome, but the sauce of this one was unique, it was rich in flavour, the meat was cooked perfectly with crispy bacon on the top with the tomato sauce was fresh and delightful. He really enjoyed it and I definitely will order this one next time that we visit The Pasta Factory.

Bucatini all'amatriciana

I was already full at this point, but I have a sweet tooth so I couldn’t leave without trying the desserts. This was a difficult decision as I love chocolate but at this point, I needed something lighter and I decided to have the lemon pannacotta, it was strong, had a lemon zing and a creamy texture, topped with a berry compote that provides the sweetness of this dessert.


This was our first experience here!! We had a great time and we have to say thank you to the Chef Paolo for taking us to Italy in Manchester!! If you have not visited this place what are you waiting for?? Go and let me know how was your experience!

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