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Polaar Product Review

Polaar! I am back with the grooming post with a new brand! I have never heard or seen this brand before, but after investigating a bit, Polaar’s adventure began 30 years ago. Yes, I couldn’t believe it when I read it, but this was just the beginning of this project.

Daniel Kurbiel embarked on the Vagabond, an icebreaker heading to the Far North, on a scientific mission. There is where Daniel discovered the Arctic plans that have the ability to survive in extreme conditions. However, it was not until 2006 when Daniel partnered up with Karine Roche and founded Polaar.

Polaar products

Cool story true? I have been reading about so many brands as I always like to add a bit of history when I introduce a new brand, and this has been so far the most interesting story I have ever read.

But let’s speak about the product, I got sent the Pure Fitness Vivifying Body Scrub, the Icy Magic Instant Eye Contour and the Anti Irritation Shaving Gel by Maleskin they always have the best product on the market.

Pure Fitness Vivifying Body Scrub

I have been looking for a body scrub for a long time, I have read so many reviews as my skin usually gets to dry and I know by using a body scrub could increase the dryness. Here I am after a couple of weeks using it and my skin is still hydrated! This gel texture scrub has helped me to eliminate toxins in the back of my arms where I have been applying most of the time as I get so many spots there, I have seen a decrease in the number of spots and my skin is softer and smoother. I have used on the rest of my body and I have had the same results, much smoother skin.

Polaar body scrub

Icy Magic Instant Eye Contour

I am becoming a professional of the eye contour as it’s becoming more difficult for me to identify the different results, as my eyes look so much better since I am using eye contours. The difference with the Icy Magic that I have noticed is a luminous effect after applying it, these effects last for a couple of hours, my eyes look brighter but not very shiny. The best thing that I have never seen before is the applicator roll, you can push it and have the right dose of product, this does not happen with others brands and you have to push against your face to get more product.

Polaar Icy Magic

Anti-Irritation Shaving Gel

It is difficult for me to find another product that allows an amazing shave after tried the MMUK shaving MAN Liquid Lather Shave Cream, but this product works very well and I had a great shave with it. The gel becomes a fine, creamy foam when you put it in your hands, the razor glides well and it does not dry my skin, this is a problem that I have had in the past with other shaving gels. What I like the most about this Shaving gel is that it is Paraben, alcohol and mineral oil free, overall it is a great product and this would go in my travel wash bag.

Polaar shaving gel

Now it is your time to tell me if you have used some of the Polaar products and if you like the results from this French brand!

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