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BoohooMAN shorts

With one of the best summers in the history of England, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to enjoy and spend the majority of my days outside. The temperatures are as high as in Spain and I am not complaining at all, I love this weather and love the sun, however, I do not like to sweat or to be warm so I had to change my wardrobe, and BoohooMAN has helped me with this!!

BoohooMAN clothes

Jumpers, long shirts and jeans are out to give space to short sleeve shirts and shorts! My wardrobe looks completely different now and for me, it seems like I am on holiday. I do not own many pairs of shorts because for me it has never has been hot enough to wear them for the whole day or night here in the UK, but this is the year! I wear shorts as much as I can and I have found a great selection at BoohooMAN.

You can use shorts all the time, for work (if you are allowed), during the day or on a night out, and with everything, t-shirts, shirts, long sleeve shirts… for me, all depends on the occasion so this is why I decided to write about how I like to wear shorts and what are my favourites.

BoohooMAN clothes

BoohooMAN has created a test that will reveal which kind of shorts are the best for you, and I got the ones that you can see on the pictures, give it a go and tell me what you got! The ones that I have are very special to me and I love the color, burgundy, especially these ones are chino shorts and I use them when I go out for a nice dinner or meal, they are like my “Sunday” shorts and I used to wear them with a long sleeve shirt, that gives me a look more formal and elegant.

For me also it is essential to own a pair of black jean shorts because they go with everything, I can wear them with a short sleeve shirt on a night out with friends or for a barbecue in the park with a normal shirt, also you can combine them with all kind of colors, from white to red, blue and yellow…


Traditional blue Jean shorts!! Another basic that every person must have at least one pair!! There are so many styles of jean shorts, but you can never go wrong with any of them, I have bought a couple of pairs from BoohooMAN for my holidays!!! Basically, I use the jean shorts during the day, I like the ripped ones for a nice sunny day out with friends having drinks and food!!

Finally, you also have printed shorts, these are the most difficult for me to match! As well with this amazing weather this summer, there has been some quirky fashion with the Hawaiian and stamped shirt trend, I find it even more difficult. There are as well the types of shorts that you need to have in the back of your wardrobe, I like these when they are solid colours as you can wear them with a nice soft blue shirt, if they have very bright colors the best is to go simple with a plain white shirt and they will praise your look!

BoohooMAN clothes

As always these are my recommendations, but I cannot wait to hear from you!! Remember to do the test and tell me the shorts that to get!

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