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My personalised Case

A new phone means a new phone case! With the prices of phones nowadays, I would not take mine out of the house without a cover, I would not take the risk to drop it and just brake my screen or scratch the phone!

I recently got mine from Mypersonalisedcase and it just arrived at the perfect moment! When I got my new phone.

Mypersonalised Case

Mypersonaliesedcase is a website that offers all kinds of phone case for so many different phone models, and as you can imagine from the name of the company, you can make your own phone case. started in 2009 and was one of the first providers of personalized phone cases in the Netherlands. Since then, they have expanded and produced a great product at a great price.

On their website, you can design a case with your own photography or use some of the templates that they have. Also as you can see in my pictures, you can be personalized it by adding some text, in my case I added the name of my blog and I love it!!

Mypersonalised Case

Their interface is so easy to use, you can add your pictures, move it, edit the font and really tailor it each design so they are unique to you. I did not know that it was so easy and when I started to create mine, I was surprised because it was more difficult than what I thought as there are so many designs that you can choose and different phone case materials that you can pick the hardest thing is to only make one ! haha. Seriously the range personalised phone cases that they offer is huge.

I chose the Full Wrap Tough Case, it is made with dual polycarbonate and silicone protection, It also covers the edges of my screen so it is the perfect case to protect your phone from any kind of impact. When you personalize it, the design can be printed on the entire case and this provides a great effect!

Mypersonalised Case

Apart of this, you can find other models and materials, such as the wallet style in which you can store your cards or the wood one (one of my favourites) but I decided to pick the Full Wrap. Besides, you can customize a case for your iPad filling it with your best photos.

Another great thing that really surprised me was the time, from the day I ordered my case to the day that I received it was only 2 days!! They have a really quick service that we all love when I order something I want it as soon as possible, and knowing that they have to print my design, pack it and send it to me in just two days… I was very impressed!!

Do you have a phone case?? If no, what are you waiting for? if yes, what are you waiting for your new one?? Try this one and let me know what do you think!

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