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Blake Mill

New into fashion?? Or new into style?? This is something that I have not done before but here it is! My first post speaking about clothing!! And I promise that this is not going to be the last!

I know that there are so many fashionista gurus and I do not want to say that what I will be writing is the trendiest or the best, but it is the thing that I like, and you might be interested in!

Blake Mill shirt

In this post I will speak about Blake Mill, I had the opportunity to receive one of their majestic shirts and I am so impressed with it.

But let me speak about Blake Mill a bit first, found by a small group of people, this company look to offer what they could not find in the market, what they like and unique designs for individuals. Their business is based in ethical and free from exploitation model.

Their shirts are made with high-quality products, and this is something that I noticed when I opened the package and touched it for the first time. I think that we are used to seeing different shirts on the high street shop and with this fast fashion model we do not realize the quality of the products that we are wearing until we really acquire a product like the shirts form Blake Mill.

Blake Mill Shirt

Another singular thing of Black Mill is that they have singular designs, I struggled more than I thought when I was choosing the shirt that they sent to me, I finally went for the Cracked Paisley Light, and something that I have discovered is that their shirts work well with different occasions, from a full day at the office to the nice dinner party or as you can see on the pictures, for a full fun day at the beach.

I commented before that they are ethical and free from exploitation company, and I am proud of this, that makes me feel better when I wear the shirt and it is not like I am a mega activist, but every little bit helps. Their manufacturing helps people rather than exploiting them.

Blake Mill Shirt

I love the shirt that I picked and I can wear it all the time for every single event, it does not matter if I am wearing it during the day or If I am wearing it for a dinner party during the night and for me this is important as I wear a shirt because I like it and not because it suits an occasion, their shirts tell stories about the world around them.

They are proud to say that their shirts adorn the backs of rockstars, Formula One team members, film producers, world ranked aerobatics, pilots, and also two guys who ran seven consecutive marathons across the Sahara Desert.

They are priced at £99 and you can find the size and all the information on their website, besides, the shipping is really quick!!

Blake Mill Shirt

Let me know what do you think about these shirts and which one is your favourite!!

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