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Murdock London Review

A couple of weeks ago I was speaking about the best gift to get for father’s days, I hope you all have a great day and your fathers enjoyed the day with you! But now it is time to get you ready again for a series of products that I have been using thanks to Maleskin.

Maleskin is my favourite place for all the grooming products, you can find fantastic brands for male grooming and I love it, besides, their service is excellent and quick!!

The products that I have been using are from Murdock London. This expert barbers from London have created a quality range of products in order to offer the mix of tractional and modern barbershops. Murdock opened for the first time on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch with the main rules of personal service, knowledge, loyalty and trust. Now, they have eight locations, and I haven’t visited them yet but after I have been using their products I would love to make a visit to one of their places, And all together with the products they have designed kits and tools to let you take their barbershop experience home.

Murdock Grooming produts


It took me a couple of weeks since I received the products to start to use this Moisturiser, and I regret it each day, I could have been using it for days to get my face hydrated. This face moisturiser has become my favorite and it is because with the hot wave that we are having in Manchester I feel my skin is so dry, and this product has returned the shine to my face, besides it is made with creatine, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C these all help to protect the skin from pollutions. This is 100% a great recommendation that I will keep for the rest of the summer, It is non-greasy and suitable for all skin types. Price: £38.00

Murdock Face Moisturiser


Another great discovery is this dry matte finish, it makes my hair so mouldable with a non-shiny finish. It looks like I am not wearing any product and my hair stays firm for the whole working day. The Matt Mud has a citrus scent, or this is what I smell which is very light, but you know how I am with smells I have to love it to use it! I do not need to put much quantity, just a bit on my fingertips and it is enough to create the perfect look. Price: £14.00

Murdock Matt Mud


The luxury product from Murdock! They are experts and you can see this reflected in their shaving cream, it is very light and soft which makes the razor glide easily. Coming in a big package you will have enough to use for a while, or at least for me that I do not shave more than twice a week. The Shaving Cream includes Mallow extract which helps to sooth the skin. I have been looking at the ingredients, and for me, it smells like the typical fragrance that my mum used to put on me when I was a kid and it is a mix of alcohol, citrus and lavender. Price: £34.00

Murdock Shaving Cream

Now it is your turn to try these products and tell me about your experience!

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