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Woody's Grooming

Smell like a man, look like a man, feel like a man this is their moto! Woody is a totally new brand to me, I have never heard about their products before until I received them. The Woody’s Grooming range has been developed with the help of well-known barbers and stylists to bring finest quality products.

woody's grooming

Checking their website, you will find these daily products that we use, nothing complicated just a comfortable daily range of products. The products range from Body and Hair to Shaving & Bread. I received two products, the Hair & Body Wash and the Brickhead Styling Gel.

Hair & Body Wash

I have used Hair and Body Wash before and I must admit that I am becoming an ordinary user, it is the perfect time saver to use at the gym when you go away for a couple of days or even at home. This Body and Hair wash combines a natural formula of ingredients with a citrus fragrance, I love how it smells and that makes me use it more often! It has an unusual colour with a kind of shiny finish, but you won’t notice this synthetic shine or colour on your skin or your hair. It creates an awesome foam that leaves my skin very smooth, for the hair is similar, after using it, I feel my hair is softer than usual, it is like when you use a bit of conditioner and your hair looks great, shiny and soft.

Hair and body wash

Brickhead Styling Gel

It has been a long time since I have used a styling gel, and this is because I have been using hair wax, pomade and styling paste. I personally think that I can shape my hair better with these products, but it depends on the occasion, I have found the way to use this one more often. The styling gel from Woody’s contains marine extracts, soy proteins and red algae, It is a bit sticky and you can use it on wet or dry hair. The effect on wet hair is more wavy and wild, whereas, using it on dry hair gives you the possibility to manipulate the shape easier and it holds the hair better and stays together as one piece, it is ok for a night out or when it is windy, but I prefer it to look more natural.

hair styling gel

Both products are great and they are not massively expensive, maybe a bit difficult to find them on the high street shops but nowadays we are using the internet more to buy things, so here is the link! Have a look and let me know what you think and if you use any other product from their range.

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