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Mýego Products

With the last blogger mail sent from Maleskin, I received a couple of new products that I have never tried before from any other brand! The products come from Myego and I have been doing a bit more research as I know the brand already. Something that I love from them is that they specialize and only produce a small range of products! This is usually a sign of quality products made well, however, I don’t want to say that other brands that create a huge range of products have less quality.

Myego skin care

Myego is a British brand based in London that makes natural skin products for men, their products are suitable for all skin types. The brand was founded in 2006 with an experienced team that creates their formulas in their lab with wild botanicals and plant extracts. In addition to the natural products, the products are free form Parabens, Sulphates and Synthetic fragances.

The products that I have been using from Myego are:

• Tinted Moisturiser Fonteint. • Anti Shine Matifiant. • Concealer Cover Select

Tinted Moisturiser Fonteint

As the name says, this moisturiser includes color that helps to soothe and reduce the surface redness, pimples and blemishes. This tinted moisturiser is made with jojoba and shea nuts as the main ingredient, and as you probably know these products help to hydrate and revitalize the skin. From my experience, it works well leaving a natural skin tone when you apply onto your face. I must confess that the first time I used this product I put too much and my face looked really bronzed/dark, so you won’t need to use a big amount, just put some drops on your fingertips and spread with both hands, the results are great and who does not like to look more tanned ready for summer?

Myego tinted moisturiser

Anti Shine Matifiant

This Anti Shine made with natural bamboo extract is the perfect ally to remove any excess of oil in your face and make your skin look healthy without adding any color. Anyone won’t notice that you have put it on and you will be very surprised with the results. This product removes all the excess of the sebum and your skin will look natural. I use it mainly in my forehead where I get the majority of spots and sebum, but you can use it all around your face focusing on the T-zone where we tend to have more oil, but you can use it on your cheeks too, you just have to adapt the product to the requirement of your skin.

Myego anti shine

Concealer Cover Select

My favorite product of the three that I have received. If you have read some of my other posts, dark patches are one of my main problems, I can sleep for 12 hours and I still wake up with dark circles. This concealer with a pencil shape includes a little brush perfect to applicate the product, it is simple and really easy to use. It covers perfectly the dark zones and matches completely my skin tone. The blend includes Rooibos Tea and Pomegranate that will quickly reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness for a well-rested refreshed look.

Myego Concealer cover

Have you used Myego product before? How do you find them? Let me know your thoughts.

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