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Ocean Treasure VIP Party

Recently we attended the VIP launch party of Ocean Treasure, as I mentioned in my previous post, this new restaurant situated at 23 Peter Street offers a modern selection of dishes and it is the perfect spot for events and company parties. For this event we couldn’t expect anything less than a full red carpet!

Ocean Treasure Party

A welcoming table full of prosecco and gin & tonics was situated at the entrance, to the right of the welcome table which I think is an essential in every event, was the photo wall. We had 100 pictures here but I just will show you the best one! Just me natural and smiling, I was starting the night, and everything was looking great!!

Pablo smilling

During the night we had the opportunity to enjoy with the amazing entertainment from Saxophone Player Calum Bayliss from Six15 and the celebrity DJ Dean Fagan. We were seated just next to the music and we couldn’t stop dancing and enjoying their skill and vibe. These guys played great tunes, Liam and I know that we are always going to have fun if you are with Hanna, Marianne and Elisha!

Incredible food was served, I definitely need to go back soon to have the sushi, the teriyaki chicken and the rest of the delicious dishes that we had that night! But not only just for the food, the presentation of it all was out of this world, and everyone knows that if you want to catch the attention of your guests you have to present something amazing!

Chicken Teriyaki

The sushi platters just kept coming, with a great range of varieties to cater for everyone attending. They also had prawn-toast which was amazingly crispy and soft inside, the chicken satay was so tasty, they had a nice char on the chicken and was covered in sweet peanut sauce which was moreish to say the least. As for the sushi, I loved the tuna roll they had which was complemented with cucumber and coated in sesame and poppy seeds which added a real nice crunch. They also had vegan selections which were a taste sensation, not 100% sure what was in these, but just for sheer taste they were a winner.

Chicken Satay

The room was on the upper level of Sakana overlooking the restaurant and the open kitchen where you can see the skilled chef’s practicing their craft and producing amazing platters of Sushi. From the reception table where everyone was having pictures and looking around the amazing venue, the bar was on a raised level again, one wall was completely glass which was masked with a beautifully lit blossom tree.

We finished the event around 8:30 and all of us received an exclusive goody bag with the stunning products from Kiehl’s and a wonderful gift card from Flint & Flint.

Kiehl's products

In summary we had a great night and I have to thank Lyn from The Edge Events for a marvelous event! This is going to be a great spot in the city to go out for dinner, celebrate parties and enjoy with your friends! Now it is your turn to visit Ocean Treasure and let me know about your thoughts.

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