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ZIRH Skin Care

The bank holiday weekend is over, and I am back with a new skin care post! I Hope you all had a great time this weekend and enjoyed the sunshine and the glorious weather. After having these great days, for me it is more difficult to go back to work and I am only thinking of my next holiday hehe, I have to admit that I am missing the sun so much now.

Skin Care Products

But let’s talk about the latest products I have been using! Malesking sent me some cool products from ZIRH Skin Care, these for me arre the first time that I have used their products, I have seen them online before, but I do not remember seeing them in the high street shops.

They are an American brand founded in 1995 and are well known for their premium grooming skincare products. The collection includes shaving creams and serums, scrubs, face washes and supplements for men. You will be able to find your favorite products for your skincare routine and combine them with your supplements if you practice sport, all in one order!

Skin Care Products

The first thing that caught my attention when I opened my order from Maleskin was the packaging, I have seen pictures of the products before but the electric blue is something that I love! I know the contents are the most important part, however this also happens to me with food, if the outside looks great I will be more interested in it. The products that I received are; The Wash Cleanser, the Scrub and the Restore Eye Cream.

ZIRH Wash Mild Face Cleanser

The Wash Cleanser has become a daily product for me, and I am grateful that I have different ones from Maleskin so I can swap them every day and I do not get bored! The first impression of this product was that it was a bit plain, as you know I love scents and this product is fragrance-free (which I appreciate sometimes), however it works well for my skin, leaving it smooth and soft, this possible thanks to the Chamomile plant extracts. It is designed for normal, dry or sensitive Skin with a neutral pH. To experience it yourself, you can buy from Maleskin for only £15.00

Face Wash

ZIRH Scrub Aloe Facial Exfoliator

This Mineral Enriched Men's Facial Scrub is perfect for those days that you feel your skin is a bit irritated or drier than normal, because the soft formula is infused with Aloe Vera Leaf juice which will hydrate the skin perfectly. Besides, the Zirh scrub breaks through the dirt and pollutant that sits on your face, leaving your skin smooth and radiant. It has a herbal scent that for me is a pleasure. Available at for £16.00

Face Scrub

ZIRH Restore Herbal Under Eye Cream

Last but not least is the Under Eye Cream, this product is my favorite of the three. As I mentioned before I have a serious problem with dark circles under my eyes, perhaps I’m being a little dramatic, but yes even if I sleep 10 hours or I sleep 6 hours, I will wake up with dark patches. This product has helped me to reduce the patches hydrating and boosting my eyes with the cucumber extract, when I use it I fell my skin tighter and this is thanks to the Calendula Flower extract which works as a perfect anti-inflammatory too. You can find this product at Maleskin for just £23.00

Eye Cream Restore

Now it is your turn to tell me your thoughts about this brand and the products that you have used from ZIRH or the ones that you would be interested in use.

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