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World Health Day

7th of April was world health day and despite it being a Saturday and I had a cold the previous week, I managed to celebrate it with a double gym session.

Exercise is essential if we want to live a healthy and full life into old age, it is proven that regular physical activity reduces the risk of suffering coronary heart disease and strokes, early death, depression or type 2 diabetes among other illnesses.

It is not complicated to be active daily, for an adult, we just need to achieve 150 minutes of physical activity over a week through a variety of activities, however nowadays the technology has made our lives easier and we have become more sedentary.

As I mentioned before, I did a double gym session, but to be honest, I did not plan it as the week before I was not feeling well, and I struggled to go to the gym.

I started the morning with Sarah, you know her from my previous post, she is my personal trainer and for one month we have been training hard together to achieve these goals that we set up.

Gym & Juice Manchester

This session was a bit softer than our previous training sessions, but we managed to have a great leg session!

After that, I headed to town for a blogger event with Ledigo PR, to celebrate World Health Day at Gym & Juice, but I did not imagine that we were going to do three different classes! Gym & Juice is situated on Oldham St in the Northern Quarter, this independent health club is different than other ones that you can find in many other cities. They make you forget that you are working out with a creative environment with UV lights and music from techno to rap!

Gym & Juice Manchester

This environment and the personal treatment that they offer will push you to work out up to your limit. Their classes are Personal Trainer lead with a 60 mins duration and with a maximum of 14 people. At the studio, they use a circuit based format for the classes, you will be working out through different stations and using different equipment, intensity and timings.

I had the opportunity to attend this event with two close friends Nina and Missy in which we started with a Power Yoga class, and I really enjoyed it, I have done Ashtanga yoga before and I left it because I found it a bit static and hard, however, during this session everything was more connected and we finished with a bit of meditation and relax, I felt really peaceful after this yoga class.

Gym & Juice Manchester

The other two classes were harder for me as I was a bit tired already and I couldn’t do my best, we had a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class with a 30 Minute intense fat burning stations. This class was designed to Torch Body Fat while maintaining muscle mass. The other class was ASSPIRATION a glute focused workout, perfect to build and shape the butt. After this, we had a couple of pics as they have a pair of incredible wings! And I went home and had a big meal!! I think I deserved it.

Gym & Juice Manchester

I highly recommend this place and it is easy to book, you do not need a membership, Gym & Juice uses mindbody to pay and reserve spaces for all of their Gym Classes. You just need to download and create an account in the app and search for 'gym and juice'.

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