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Ocean Treasure Launch Party

What is going on this week on 23 Peter Street?! We all know Sakana and the delicious Japanese food that they offer, this restaurant serves a modern selection of dishes.

There is now an added addition on the mezzanine floor, the exciting new events space and Chinese restaurant Ocean Treasure which was originally at Manchester 235 Casino is now the sister restaurant.

Ocean Treasure Restaurant

To celebrate the launch a VIP party is taking place this week! On Thursday 26th. We have an invite to experience the new opening of this venue!

Ocean Treasure venue will open with a spacious welcoming restaurant and two bars! The restaurant has the capacity to host from small to large corporate groups with a total capacity of 440 people.

This event is going to revolutionize Manchester. Situated just on top of Sakana offering the most exquisite dining experience, I am a big fan of Japanese food, as well as Chinese cuisine. I could not miss this event.

Ocean Treasury food

Ocean Treasury food

Ocean Treasure will set out a red carpet, it will be a guest list only event. Do not worry if you or your company has not booked it, you will have time to book or reserve after opening night.

Ocean Treasury Manchester

The entertainment will be provided by incredible and highly sought-after Calum Bayliss from Six15, a deep and soulful saxophone player. Bayliss is the number one choice for large parties and he will be collaborating with the celebrity DJ Dean Fagan! This means that the event will be hosting acts normally reserved for the likes of high-profile events!

The well-known skincare company Flint + Flint will provide gift cards.

Juvenat Natural Organic Skincare and World Privilege Plus are two of the main sponsors!

Press and photography will capture what is sure to be an incredible night.

Ocean Treasury Manchester

I am sure that you are now as excited as I am! I cannot wait for this launch party! Keep your eyes on my social media as I will be covering the event this Thursday!!

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