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Body Care Products from Maleskin

Today I bring something different! I have been speaking about many products and usually, most of them are designed for the face or hair, so in collaboration with Maleskin, we decided to write about the body care!

I dedicate less time to my body than I dedicate to my face and this shouldn’t be like that, it is true that you can take care of your body in different ways, like doing exercise, meditating, relaxing in spa… but the products that you use in the shower, after the shower or during the day also will help your body feel better, and always remember that our bodies are not indestructible.

Body Care Products

At the moment, I am taking more care about my body and I have to thanks Malesking for the products that they sent to me and I am using at the moment.

Cool CTRL Natural Deodorant

I love Jack Black, as a brand, they offer a great range of grooming products that I have had the opportunity to use and I am very happy with them.

What makes this deodorant especial and different is that It has no aluminum, alcohol or chemicals, which for me is great at it does not irritate my skin, however, you will wonder why or how it works without chemicals, it is composed by Zinc Salt that acts as a natural anti-fungal deodorize, the grapefruit extract is a natural anti-bacterial and the vegetable glycerin helps smoothing and hydrating the skin. The only cons that I have detected are that It does not covers the full day, by the end of the afternoon I have to use it again as I stop to be effective.

Body Care Products

Billy Jealousy Ocean Front Body Wash

It is the first time that I try any product of this brand, this product is rich in Ginseng Extract and Vitamin E, it helps to moisture and cleans the skin. I have used many shower gels and with this one I find it refreshing with a light scent that will stay for a couple of hours, this does not happen so often with shower gels or they have a strong scent, or they do not have. For these reasons, it is the perfect option for the daily shower before to go to work.

Body Care Products

Blind Barber Shampoo & Body Wash

Another brand to try and that has changed my mind. I am not a big fan of Shampoo & Body Wash combo, I found different products that did not have a great finish for my hair or for my body, for this reason until now I preferred to use one shampoo and one body wash, however, this product infused with elegant lemongrass and exotic rooibos tea, clean and refresh the hair and the body with a fresh scent. As a pro, this product makes great foam which I love.

Body Care Products

Vitaman Foot Recovery Gel

A product that everyone should add to the daily or weekly routine, I work close to work but at the end of the day after going to the gym or walk around the city my feet really hurt, and it is like I need a feet massage, however, this recovery gel is the solution to those days, made with menthol, white tea and aloe vera among other ingredients, helps to cool down, sooth and repair your feet. Especially, I have used after my holidays in Rome and it has been perfect! We walked around 100km and my feet were destroyed.

Body Care Products

Thanks for reading this post and now it is your turn to tell me about your body care tips!

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