New Trainers - March 2018

It has been a while since I wrote about trainers, since black Friday, and I opened this blog specially to speak about them. They are one of my passions and no, I haven’t lost that passion and I haven’t stopped buying them hehe. I bought a couple of pairs between January and February by taking advantage of the January sales.

The two pairs I purchased are a pair of Nike Air Max Zero Breathe in black and another pair of the Nike Lunarcharge Essential in green.

Nike Air Max Zero Breathe

This model was release last year in March in two colours, black and grey. This design follows the lightweight line of Nike with a new construction and white sole which reminds me very much of the Air Max style.

Tinker Hatfield designed the first Air Max Zero in the late 80s and as it has happened with so many other models, Nike decided to make a recreation. This time the trainers have open weave sections that help with the breathability of the foot. This model does not include a proper tongue, the trainer is built all in one, providing support and protection to the foot.

I got this pair from Size?, I was looking for a black pair of trainers as my current ones are worn, this pair caught my eye in their shop on Market Street. Surprisingly I wasn’t very fussy about buying a pair straight away as there are always loads of deals around in January, so during two weeks I visited the shop until the price went down.

These trainers are very comfortable, the air sole makes your walk smooth, and as previously mentioned they provide great support to the feet and ankle. I wear them almost every day as the design goes well with a casual look for work with jeans and a t-shirt or shirt.

Nike Lunarcharge Essential

These were also Launched in March 2017, however these trainers were designed by Tini Tempah and were only glimpsed for the first time at the MTV Music Awards. You can find the Nike Lunarcharge in different styles and colours for both guys and girls.

They are made with a big and light white sole, that also make walking very comfortable as it feels like you are walking on a cloud. However, in my opinion the neoprene structure is soft, and it does not provide much support to the foot, they are more like a sock and they do not have a tongue also like the Air Max Zero.

I love this model and ever since they were launched I was looking for a pair, and yes I tried the grey and the black ones, but they did not suit me very well, however with the green I took the risk, they were on sale on the Nike website and I just bought them without thinking to much. I am so happy with them, but they are not trainers that I wear daily, usually they are difficult to match but with a white or black hoodie and jeans, they will look amazing.

Now is your turn, let me know if you like these trainers and which is the last pair of trainers that you have added to your collection! Like, share and comment if you enjoyed this post!

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