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Dry Skin Treatment for Men

Skin is the body’s largest organ and people forget this and we are constantly reminded to take care of other organs more like our heart, lungs and stomach. We need to take care of our skin more, it is exposed to many factors that can weaken it such as water, wind, bacteria, viruses…

Many different factors can cause dry skin, most commonly a limited or nonexistent skin-care regimen but more often genetics have a high factor, people do not produce enough protective oil or conditions such as diabetes can produce dry skin. External factors can be another of the causes for your skin to becomes dry such as wind, cold, rain and sun. Besides, our skin changes more frequently than our body changes, over the years and during the different seasons you may find it dyer in winter months.

You can recognize dry skin with different symptoms, the skin is dehydrated after cleansing, flaky skin, it feels tight and it absorbs the moisturizer like a sponge.

If you think that you are suffering some of those symptoms, do not wait anymore and start to treat your skin, you just need to use the following product from MMUK to improve its condition.


This Mineral Mud Face Mask for MMUK will help to exfoliate and deep pore clean your face, it will gently be drawing out impurities and minimize pores. This mask contains oils, glyceryl, shea butter and aloe among other ingredients. The mineral mud mask is easy to use, you just apply with a brush (recommended) or finger tips and leave it for between 20 - 30 mins, you will feel that it becomes dry but do not worry, after rinsing it you will notice that your skin feels smoother.


The Botanical Firming Toner form MMUK will clean and help to restore the moisture balance of your skin. It contains Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Japanese Green Tea to improve and rejuvenate the skin controlling redness and flaking, and cucumber extract that will help to tighten pores. You can use a cotton pad or your fingers to apply directly to your face, and you will feel a pleasant cooling effect. A good point from this product is that it does not include alcohol, a tip to remember is to always use on clean skin and before you apply serum or moisturizer.


The Protective Jojoba Day Moisturizer will have a high impact on your hydration. It is suitable for all types of skin and contains an excess of 18% oils of jojoba which is rich in vitamins and minerals that will moisturise your skin, it helps prevents razor burn, improve the hydration and health of your skin. You will notice that after using this moisturizer your skin looks shiny and oily but do not worry, your skin will absorb it and look normal. I use it just before I go to bed and the next morning my skin looks better than ever.

This routine will not take you long and using these three products, your dry skin will get better, you will see the results from the first day that you apply them and you will notice a big improvement after using them for a couple of weeks, I do this routine twice a week but it really depends on your skin and the condition of it.

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