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First Time with a Personal Trainer

In January I decided to hit the gym and train hard, I wanted to burn everything that I had put on during Christmas and I tried hard, I worked out for the full month (mainly cardio) however, in February I had the flu and I stopped going to the gym. After that it has been really difficult for me to get back to the gym, I didn’t have the motivation and I preferred to stay at home…

Fortunately, early this month I contacted Sarah after seeing her advert and this is one of best things that I have done since then. I have known Sarah for a couple of years, we did a master’s together, and she introduced me to Myprotein where we both worked. Now she is a Personal Trainer!!

Gym buddies

This has been the first week working out with a personal trainer and I can see already the changes, I don’t mean physically that will come with time, but I can see an organization and compromise. I never had a workout plan, what to work out, when to work out and what to eat.

Lifting gym

The first session with Sarah was a catch up about what my habits are, how I train and the goals and results that I want to achieve within this month. For everyone that is struggling with the gym, that wants to start and don’t know how to do it. If you want or need extra motivation or want to train more personal and specific, I highly recommend to go for a Personal Trainer.

lifting gym

Now that I have had my first week with Sarah, I am just thinking about the next one, I am motivated and want to train harder than ever. I even woke up at 6:00 am to go to the gym at 7:00 am and I didn’t mind this (previously this would never enter my mind). I know that it has been only a week but as I said I already feel more motivated, with more passion and desire to improve and beat all of the goals.

Back exercise gym

For this first month my goals are:

-Tone my chest.

-Lose weight, not a lot, just about 2kg. -Learn how to use most of the machines at the gym.

This is just the start and I will be posting more about the transformation and the training with Sarah! Meanwhile, you contact her just clicking here.

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