Gold Aftershave

New product to try and new product to add to my list!

Last week I received a new parcel from Brand Nation, I have already collaborated with them for the Moosehead products.

This time I had a new and a different product, it’s an aftershave! I was really excited when I saw the product as I love aftershaves. I was using the same aftershave for years until I got bored and I started to use new ones and now I have a few favourites.

A little background about Gold Aftershave, it was originally launched it 1976, relaunched in 1997 representing the epitome of contemporary elegance and style. Gold Aftershave is a fresh fragrance with citrus scent and lemon, lime and bergamot notes, but with a base of cedar, leather and amber which make it a strong aftershave and very masculine.

Just by opening the bottle you can smell the strong scents, it does not come with a spray which I prefer but you do not need to use much quantity, so it is ok to pour from the bottle into your hand and spread around your neck and wrists.

Probably I will sound very repetitive, but I find it very strong and masculine and this working in an office can be a bit annoying for your colleagues. I remember, the first day that I used it a few of my colleges asked me if I was using a new aftershave. For this reason, I reserve it for the weekends and for days out, I like it and I love when people ask me what aftershave I am using but I prefer to use it during the weekends and when I am out for brunch or dinner with friends.

The aftershave comes in a transparent bottle with a gold tap in a 100ml size, it is economic, and you can buy it directly on Amazon from just £8.95! and have it next day at home. Now, it is your time to test it and let me know your thought about it.

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