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19 Cafe Bar Review

Situated in 19 Lever Street, just between Picadilly Gardens and the Northern Quarter, we find 19 Cafe Bar. An independent cafe bar that serves breakfast, brunch, lunch & a wide selection of drinks.

We had the opportunity to visit this adorable cafe bar last weekend, and if you are in Manchester and looking for a cafe where you can relax and have fresh food, definitely 19 Cafe Bar is your perfect spot. This place is inspired in Brooklyn and Manhattan with a brick wallpaper (that I had to look twice to identify as wallpaper) that transports you to the Big Apple.

19 Cafe Bar

The menu offers a variety of dishes, from pancake stacks to a full English breakfast, but not only this, they have a cocktail menu! Can you find a better match than Brunch and Cocktails? No, true?

But let’s speak about what we had,

I wasn’t sure about what to order, I was interested in more than one dish and I ended asking the waitress for her recommendations, she started recommending the halloumi bagel and finished pointing out the full menu. This is not the first time that this has happened to me, and I am sure you have experienced the same, you ask for recommendations and they like the full menu, I used to work in restaurants and I was like this.

19 Cafe Bar

But guided by her first choice and I ordered the Halloumi bagel. I was so happy with this choice, I would order it again tomorrow if I had the opportunity. This bagel includes Smashed avocado, halloumi, sundried tomato and 2 poached eggs with a drizzle of thyme oil.

Halloumi Bagel

The bagel was perfectly toasted, crispy outside and soft inside, the smashed avocado was so fresh, and here is where you can taste the difference with other places, this avocado was full of flavour. The eggs were perfectly runny in the centre and the golden yolk. With the bagel, I ordered an Expresso Martini.

Halloumi bagel

Liam went for the Breakfast Club, another of the suggestions of the waitress, and when it arrives OMG! It was perfectly built, this sandwich includes the best of an English Breakfast, bacon, eggs, sausages, black pudding…

With the first bite, you can notice that it will be messy eating this sandwich and all the sauces and the yolk will go all over your fingers.

Breakfast Club Sandwich

The flavours of the sandwich were incredible, as they do not use a fryer, all the components keep the flavours better and are not greasy. The black pudding was soft and lightly spiced, the bacon, the sausages and the eggs where something exceptional, I repeat again, as they don’t fry the products, those ingredients taste 10 times better than other places around Manchester. Liam complemented his brunch with a Screwdriver.

19 Cafe Bar

Other details to highlight are that you can hire this café for you, your company, or a party with your friends. And you can buy some of the products to take home as coffee or honey.

19 Cafe Bar

Now it is your turn to visit this place and comment below letting me know about this cafe and your favourite places for brunch in Manchester.

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