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MMUK Morning After Recovery Gel

A new product on the market!! Just two weeks ago MMUK launched a new recovery gel, the perfect product for the morning after the night before!

For those who do not know Mens Make-UP (MMUK), it is a cosmetics company specifically designed for men, by men. MMUK offers the UK’s widest and best range of makeup for men products, you can find from foundations, concealers to bronzers.

MMUK Recovery Gel

I have tried some of their products before and I couldn’t be happier with this brand as they are revolutionizing the market offering products for the guys who gym, tan and groom. Besides, you can find an interview that I had with them here.

Regarding the Recovery Gel, it is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, Seaweed Extract and it is totally oil-free! Those different ingredients make it the ideal product to combat acne and blemish prone skin.

MMUK Recovery Gel

As MMUK describes it, this is a modern moisturiser for the modern man, and I totally agree with them, it is the first product that I see that is created for the day after and we all need it, because until today I have not met anyone that wake up with a good face after a night out. But you can use it even if you have not been out the night before as this formula will help to reduce puffiness, rehydrate and stimulate your skin.

MMUK Recovery Gel

You do not need to use a lot, just pump a bit on your fingertips and apply gently to your face in small circular motions to the areas that need the most attention. It will make your skin tingle and you will feel it just a few seconds after applying the gel, I find it makes your skin feel really tight and cold like you have applied ice or something. The results for me are great, I always have dark, puffy eyes especially the day after a night out and I found this really helps to get rid of these and make you look as fresh as a daisy.

MMUK Recovery Gel

Also, it is pocket size! Which is great especially if you have an event at night you are going to and you need to look your best, trust me no one likes puffy bags under there eyes when you have to look awesome for pictures lol.

Now it is your turn to try it and let me know your thoughs, you can find the product here.

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