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L'Occitane Men Travel Set

L’occitane travel set! Last week I received a perfect gift from Maleskin, it is like they read my mind. If you have been following my Instagram you already know that we will be visiting Rome in April, Rome for me has a special space in my heart as I was living there for a year, it was the first time that I was living outside of Spain, far away from my family and friends and I was so out of my comfort zone. I was only 20 years old and I was in the 4th year of my degree when I first moved to Rome to study for a whole year with Erasmus programs. I could go on for hours and hours writing about it because it was an experience that changed my life but let’s speak about the products.

L'occitane travel set

Maleskin sent me this practical gift set from L’occitane´s men´s range, it comes with a Travel bag, perfect where ever you go, you can take it if you are visiting your family for a weekend and stay at your parent’s home or if you are going for holidays and you stay in a hotel/Airbnb. The products come in small sizes, so you do not need to worry if you are taking them on a plane.

This Travel set includes:

• Shaving gel 30ml

• Aftershave gel cream 30ml

• Shower gel 75ml

• Soap 50gr

Usually, you will find shower gel, soap and shampoo in most of the hotels, however travelling quite frequently I have found more it is more difficult to find shaving products and if you are taking a flight, you will need to buy these at a local supermarket or shop and leave them at the place. I find this annoying and this is one of the reasons that I love this set.


Suitable for all types of skins and beards, this gel will transform into a silky fresh foam. The components of this product protect the skin against irritation, tightness and cuts, making your shave more comfortable. Besides, the shaving gel is enriched with organic Corsican cedrat extract, it leaves the skin clear, soft and energized.

L'occitane Shaving Gel


This aftershave gel cream is infused with zesty and aquatic notes from L’Homme Cologne. This product will leave you with a fresh sensation, it moisturizes and smooths your skin. The multi-benefit formula helps to reduce irritations and tightness after your shaving.

L'occitane Aftershave


This product can be used for body and hair, and as well it is infused with zesty and aquatic notes from L’Homme Cologne. The scent is so good as I love the citrus notes and it has also a woody spices base. The shower gel refreshes and hydrates the skin leaving it soft and smooth.

L'occitane Shower gel


With the zesty and aquatic notes from L’Homme Cologne, this soap will leave your hands and body fresh and clean. It produces a creamy foam that can be used for all type of skins.

L'occitane Soap

Now you all know that the smell of the product is a major importance to me, if it doesn’t smell good it's not something I tend to use too often unless what the product does is amazing. But having the same zesty and aquatic notes from L´Homme Cologne in all of these products gives a great harmony across the range and doesn’t shock your senses with a barrage of different overpowering smells, which I Love. Now it is your turn to let me know what products you bring in your travel bag, if you use L’occitane and if you recommend me any other product from this brand.

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